Cash Based Revenue

Mar 8 2023

Pharmacy Growth Strategy: Adding Delivery Service

Adding a delivery service can improve your pharmacy growth through new patients and increase your revenue per patient. As a pharmacy business owner, you’re no stranger to the daily grind of trying to find ways to boost your bottom line and keep your patients happy. But what if we told you there was a way […]

Feb 9 2023

COVID Benefits Are Changing

While COVID will be sticking around, many of the patient financial COVID benefits will be going away soon. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous changes in the way we live and access healthcare. The emergency COVID measures that are currently active now have an expiration date: May 11, 2023. This means that in just […]

Dec 16 2022

Top Blog Posts of 2022 – 6 Pillars Of Pharmacy Profit – Cash-Based Revenue

2022 was another crazy year for independent pharmacies. Lots of ups and downs. To ensure you didn’t miss a critical idea, we are recapping our most popular blogs for each Pharmacy Profit Pillar. It can be challenging to stay up-to-date with the always-evolving world of pharmacy as you try to integrate new methods of doing […]

Nov 17 2022

How to Have a Holly Jolly Hempmas from Ananda Professional

With the upcoming holidays, let’s talk about leveraging Ananda Professional’s brand-spanking-new packages to help boost patient satisfaction and pharmacy profits! During the holidays, people are in the buying spirit. They are looking for gifts for others and will often choose a little something for themselves. Now is the perfect time to highlight the awesomeness of […]

Nov 3 2022

Point of Care Testing: Increasing Your Pharmacy Profit

Adding or growing a point-of-care testing revenue stream is a fantastic way to increase your pharmacy profit.  Here in the world of DiversifyRx, we have been knee-deep in point-of-care testing since we launched our new POCT on-demand course and our unique eight-week coaching program with Dr. Kristin Tallent. November is when peak testing season starts. […]

Oct 27 2022

Options For Financing Pharmacy Working Capital

Many pharmacy owners will need a source of working capital at some point in their ownership journey.  Pharmacy Cash Flow Is Tight Recently we put up a poll on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, asking pharmacy owners if they were interested in learning about financing working capital. The overwhelming response was YES, as many pharmacy […]
monkeypox pharmacy

Sep 29 2022

Monkeypox and Your Pharmacy

While cases of monkeypox are currently on the decline, it is still vital to keep up to date on information.  We have fielded several questions from pharmacy owners asking how they can support their patients to combat monkeypox. Let’s dive into monkeypox and your pharmacy and what you can do to help your community.  Dr. […]
4 easy clinical revenue pharmacy profit

Sep 6 2022

4 Easy Strategies to Increase Clinical Revenue for Independent Pharmacies

You can reduce your pharmacy’s reliance on PBMs by earning more revenue from clinical services. How is clinical revenue or service-based revenue defined? My definition of clinical revenue has two components: There are many examples of clinical revenue, such as MTMs, annual wellness visits, LTC consulting, food sensitivity testing, travel vaccines, and more. Many pharmacy […]
Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 recap

Sep 2 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights Bonus Day

Yes! We had a special Bonus Day event at the Pharmacy Profit Summit that focused solely on functional medicine and clinical-based pharmacy revenue and profits.  Our 2022 Pharmacy Profit Summit was special as we added a pre-event Bonus Day. We gathered the leaders from functional medicine and clinical pharmacy programs to take attendees through the […]
Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 Recap Day 2

Aug 25 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 – Day 2

If you missed the Day 1 Pharmacy Profit Summit recap, you can catch it here. Day 2 was packed with even more speakers that gave critical information on how to grow your profits with various solutions. Let’s dive into day two and get the specific information you need. Dr. Lisa Faast Dr. Faast started by welcoming […]

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