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It can be tough to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

How do you know the salesman is telling you the truth?

Who should you trust?

We have it figured out for you. The companies below have been vetted, and you can trust them to be a great partner for your pharmacy. I use many of these companies in my pharmacies.

FYI - no company pays to be on here. Some probably don't even know this page exists. We don't accept advertising of any kind. You need unbiased and unfiltered recommendations. We're here to help you!

Amazing CBD company focused on independent pharmacies and offers a money-back guarantee.

A complete line of Animal Prescriptions, OTC products and Nutritional Supplements.

A recommended collection of the most important solutions to improve your
health and wellness and extend your longevity and healthspan.

AxeRx is independent pharmacies solution to predatory discount cards.

Grow your pharmacy with hospice prescriptions that are profitable without a PBM.

Your premier source for a complete selection of labels, vinyl, and many other printed products.

Kandy is a seasoned professional who specializes in credentialing and auditing for pharmacies.

Amazing HIPAA compliance services at an unbeatable price. This is the smartest, no-brainer HIPAA solution for pharmacy owners.

Control your income with a thriving weight-loss coaching niche.

A smart pharmacy marketplace platform that enables pharmacy owners to drastically reduce COGS.

A state-of-the-art platform that lets you check coverage of every NDC compliantly.

A great banking partner for all your growth and acquisition needs for pharmacy business.

A smart reverse distributor that gets you the most money for your dead inventory and will help you stay on top of rule changes to optimize your credit.

Men’s Urinary Health Formula, the only urinary health product on the market that harnesses the synergy of saw palmetto and CBD.

Bringing unique Rx products to market. Purchase single strength orphenadrine, aspirin, caffeine (OAC) directly from Galt and save.

GRX Marketing offers personalized marketing solutions for independent pharmacies.

Hollywog puts you in control of your pain relief treatments with the new and improved WiTouch Pro TENS unit.

Knight Consulting can help you create your own medical clinic for niche services such as weight loss.

MatchRX is your trusted online marketplace for buying and selling overstock medications.

MatchSquare is the Wholesale Marketplace that provides a curated product experience for Local Pharmacies & Niche Retailers targeting unique Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle products.

Providing medical-grade CBD options for pharmacies by pharmacy owners. You can trust their quality.

PPN is the leading podcast network for all things pharmacy related. They host the DiversifyRx show Becoming A Pharmacy Badass.

Revolutionary biophotonic scanner that gives your patients amazing insight into their health risks with a unique antioxidant score.

Pricing Systems uses its proprietary algorithms to determine what your pricing tables should be to maximize the amount of revenue from PBMs.

Natural Antioxidants + Electrolytes. Pricklee is a delicious hydration from a cactus water.

Promosuns is a print and promotional merchandise company with the creative and marketing talent of an advertising agency.

You are probably paying way too much for your ink & toner. We love purchasing from PSA as they guarantee performance and you save money!

Real Value Rx is your go to wholesaler for lower COGS and higher reimbursements. Improve your cash flow and increase your profits!

An award winning, rapidly growing pharmaceutical distributor based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

All-natural hair loss solution, clinically proven to stop hair loss, grow healthy new hair, and improve volume & appearance.

RPhAlly provides an exclusive platform for pharmacy professionals to obtain and share vital industry information.

An experienced tax, accounting & business advisors with the financial acumen and unique insight into the complexities that independent pharmacies face.

One of the best ways to lower your COGS and increase cash flow. Yes, they have the ugliest website on the internet!

RxSafe delivers the best-in-class strip packaging machine. Their RapidPackRx is fast and has a small footprint. Perfect for any pharmacy.

Bringing products to the market to enable independent pharmacies to offer unique solutions for their patients. They have online and rebate copay programs to keep you PBM compliant.

Kandy is an experienced credentialer and auditor that helps pharmacies get contracts and bill for clinical services.

StreamCare is a turn-key solution to easily direct bill work comp insurers. By direct billing, you are taking the PBM's greedy hand out of your pocket and dramatically increasing profits.

3D Body Scanning Makes Visualizing Progress Simple.
Extract measurements, shape, body composition.

The best data analytics software on the market! Gain the insight you need to improve your pharmacy now.

ValueCare Suite is the best Remote Patient Monitoring software and support you can find. They have helped many members grow profitable programs.

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