Non-PBM Revenue

Feb 28 2024

5 Tips for Increasing OTC Sales

Too many pharmacy owners are leaving buckets of cash on the proverbial table by not focusing on selling more OTCs. We put together some tips to help you increase your OTC sales. Why doesn’t the typical independent pharmacy sell more OTCs? I think one of the main reasons is you don’t know how much you […]
Non PBM Revenue image

Jan 31 2024

Best of 2023: Pharmacy Non-PBM Revenue

Ditch your dependence on PBMs and grow your non-PBM revenue with this review of our top 2023 blogs. PBMs. Ugh. We feel the same. Don’t let the rule your pharmacy or ruin your profits. Let’s focus on helping you grow your non-PBM revenue. Yes! There are many opportunities that have nothing to do with a […]
3 pharmacy trends for pharmacy owners in 2024

Oct 26 2023

3 Trends for Independent Pharmacy Owners for 2024

2024 is bringing a lot of changes for pharmacy owners. Here are three trends you should incorporate into your pharmacy for success. The pharmacy industry is no stranger to change. Constant updates to contracts, the supply chain, and patient expectations have shaped the way pharmacy owners should approach 2024 and beyond. With new challenges come […]
Introduction to RPM and CCM Image

Sep 29 2023

Maximizing Your Pharmacy’s Revenue and Impact: An Introduction to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management

Clinical, non-PBM pharmacy growth is not only possible, but it can be easy to implement, help your patients, and boost your profits with remote patient monitoring and chronic care management.  Pharmacists play a pivotal role in patient care, offering essential services such as medication reviews and patient education. However, these valuable services often go unrewarded […]
Direct Billing Workers' Compensation

Sep 20 2023

Unlocking Pharmacy Profit Potential: Direct Billing Workers’ Compensation Prescriptions

Direct Billing Workers’ Compensation has been my favorite Non-PBM Revenue strategy for quite some time and can add a much-needed boost to pharmacy profits!  Of the various Non-PBM strategies available, direct billing workers’ comp is often overlooked and, quite frankly, often misunderstood. Let’s change our mindsets and explore the tremendous profit potential that comes with bypassing […]
Recurring Membership for Independent Pharmacies

Sep 15 2023

The Power of Monthly Recurring Revenue:  Memberships for Independent Pharmacies

Dramatically improve your independent pharmacy’s profits and sleep better at night with the power of Monthly Recurring Revenue.  Three little letters that can change your pharmacy profits and how well you sleep at night: MRR. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Memberships are ideal for pharmacy owners who want to generate stable and predictable income streams and […]
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Pharmacy's Point of Care Testing Services

Sep 7 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Pharmacy’s Point of Care Testing Services

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is a powerful tool for independent pharmacies, offering an opportunity to expand revenue streams and provide essential healthcare services to your community.  This comprehensive guide will explore effective marketing strategies to make your POCT services successful. From understanding your target market to leveraging online reviews, we’ve got you covered. Understanding […]
Unleash Power of Glutathione For Your Patients & Pharmacy Profits

Sep 1 2023

Unleash Power of Glutathione For Your Patients & Pharmacy Profits

Glutathione continues to gain popularity, and your independent pharmacy can be the glutathione expert in your community to help boost your patients’ health and your pharmacy profits.  Few compounds hold as much significance as glutathione in the realm of antioxidants. Often referred to as the “master antioxidant,” glutathione is crucial in maintaining optimal health and […]
Selling Weight Loss Products with Intergrity

Aug 11 2023

Selling Weight Loss Products with Integrity

The global weight loss supplements market grew from $34.5 billion in 2022 to $39 billion in 2023. As a trusted healthcare provider, your independent pharmacy has a unique opportunity to support your customers’ wellness journey by offering a thoughtfully considered selection of weight loss products.  But it’s important to approach this undertaking with integrity, focusing on […]
Most Amazing Summer Promotions to Grow Pharmacy Profit

Jun 16 2023

Most Amazing Summer Promotions to Grow Pharmacy Profit

Attract new paying customers to your independent pharmacy by highlighting summer promotions to grow pharmacy profit.  Summer is not only a season filled with sunshine, vacations, and a sense of adventure. It is also an excellent time for pharmacies to increase their profits by offering promotions that appeal to customers. So let’s dive in and […]

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