Pharmacy-Based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

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Increase Your Patient Care
Increase Your Revenue

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Yes! You Can Add $100,000s in Profit Without Hiring Another Pharmacist

Are you ready to diversify your revenue away from dispensing?
Are you looking to get into clinical services without credentialing?
Do you want a proven method and tools to increase patient care and your bottom line?

If you answered yes to any of the above, providing remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), and other value-based services are perfect for you and your pharmacy.

By partnering with your local doctors, you can boost patient care, doctors' revenue, and your bottom line.

Pharmacy owners can easily add multiple six figures in profit annually without hiring an additional pharmacist by leveraging innovative and affordable partners that do much of the heavy lifting for you.

Here at DiversifyRx, we have looked long and hard to find the right tools to make RPM, CCM, and other clinical services easier for you to integrate into your pharmacy.

You need a solution that has:

  • Proven track record
  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Optimization of opportunities
  • Contract templates and best practices
  • Experienced guide for implementing

We have found the perfect solution that meets all the above and more.

ValueCare Suites is a software company that profoundly understands RPM, CCM, and many other value-based services. The top clinical pharmacists in the country use them to run their clinics.

You might be thinking, how can a software company make this all easy?

ValueCare Suite goes far beyond providing software. Their team provides everything you need and will help guide you as you onboard each practice. They will help you determine your best fee schedule and train your entire team to be a part of your clinical care team.

Medicare is committed to increasing patients' access to these services. They have continued to increase the reimbursement rates and additional codes.

Now is the time to help your local community and ensure your pharmacy thrives by getting into RPM, CCM, and value-care services.

Please complete this form to receive a list of 2024 CPT Codes and rates. 

A list of the most recent CPT billing codes for RPM and other clinical services.


Remote Patient (Physiologic) Monitoring (RPM) brings valuable care to patients.

With recent Medicare billing changes, pharmacy owners can now generate significant revenue and attract new patients by leading a remote patient monitoring program.


RPM is a rare service where software must be used to qualify for billing of the codes. We have found the best solution for pharmacy owners wanting to collaborate with local prescribers and increase their pharmacy profits. 


DiversifyRx has partnered with ValueCare Suite to help spread the word about these clinical services you can start doing now. 


You don't need any additional certification or training. ValueCare Suite provides everything. 


Complete the form to request the 2024 codes and receive a call from ValueCare Suite.

How will RPM Services impact your pharmacy?

Increased Profits

Pharmacies cannot bill Medicare directly for RPM services, but they can contract with physicians and auxiliary companies. By partnering up with providers, you can share the workload and get paid for your services directly from the provider. 

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Simple Relationships

Doctors everywhere have patients that qualify for RPM or CCM but don't receive those necessary services. Often the office is overwhelmed with other tasks. You can offer your services to these critical patients. It is best to start with doctors and practices you are already well acquainted with. 

Full Support

ValueCare Suite provides complete support at every step. As an experienced clinical services partner, they have worked with the  leading pharmacists and pharmacy-led clinics in the country. They bring that experience to help you get started. 

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RPM and CCM is a rewarding way to grow your pharmacy's clinical services.

Ean Shelley ValueCare Suite RPM CCM
Ean Shelley ValueCare Suite RPM CCM
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