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Haven't You Suffered Enough?

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It is tougher than ever to be a profitable pharmacy owner. The onslaught of DIR fees, abusive PBM audits, low margins, poor cash flow, and clawbacks have many owners on the verge of tapping out.


Don't let this happen to you.


Success and profitability are not reserved for only a lucky few. Every pharmacy owner can and should have a thriving, profitable pharmacy. You just need the right tools, education, and support to make it happen.


We know every pharmacy owner's journey is unique. What you need to know this month is different than what you need to know next month.

DiversifyRx is on a mission to save independent pharmacy and we accomplish that by helping create pharmacy badasses.

Becoming A Pharmacy Badass

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Yep, being a Pharmacy Badass is a bit bold.

Being average will not keep you in business.

Being great will last for a little while.

We, as pharmacy owners, need to step it up and reach a new level to thrive in this industry.

I understand not every pharmacy owner is ready to be badass. But when you are, I will be here, ready to help you and your pharmacy thrive.

- Dr. Lisa Faast, CEO DiversifyRx, #pharmacybadass

The 6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profitability

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After helping thousands of pharmacies, profitability comes down to these 6 areas.

  • cash based revenue
    Cash-Based Revenue

    Helps improve your profits and your cash flow. You get to sell what you want directly to your patients.

  • non-pbm revenue
    Non-PBM Revenue

    To truly thrive, break free from the control of the PBMs. Develop your clinical revenue and services to increase profitability.

  • pbm optimization
    PBM Optimization

    Most pharmacies' revenue is from a PBM, therefore you cannot ignore it. Get it optimized and working for you rather than the PBM.

  • KPI optimization
    KPI Optimization

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are your roadmap to a more profitable pharmacy. Remove the guesswork.

  • marketing

    You must focus on marketing to achieve pharmacy growth. We introduce you to a variety of strategies.

  • team development
    Team Development

    One of your most critical tasks as the pharmacy owner is to build a team of high-performing employees. 

Start your journey through the 6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profitability by reading our blog. You can search by topic or pillar in order to get the latest strategies and ideas to increase your pharmacy's profit.

Pharmacy Badass University

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An All-Inclusive Low-Cost Membership For Pharmacy Owners

The Basics

You'll gain access to our exclusive members-only website. Once inside you will be able to access:

  • Digital Courses
  • Downloadable Library
  • Weekly Live Office Hours With Dr. Lisa Faast
  • Mastermind Calls With Industry Experts
  • All Recordings From All Profit Summits
  • Discounts From Hand-Picked Partners

More Perks

As a Pharmacy Badass University member, you will also receive these perks:

  • 50% Off All Live & Virtual Events
  • First Access To All Events
  • Marketing Templates
  • Monthly Custom Social Media Report
  • Email Templates
  • Monthly Content Idea Calendar
  • Everything Inside Lisa's Brain

Your Tribe

You found it! Your Tribe. Your People. Come hang out with pharmacy owners who love to win.

  • Members-Only Message Boards
  • Connect With Pharmacy Owners Near or Far
  • Submit Custom Requests To The DiversifyRx Team
  • Connections To Everyone You Need Inside and Outside The Industry
  • Perfect For You & Your Team

We strive for excellence, well closer to damn perfection.

When we launch Pharmacy Badass University, we will only onboard 100 pharmacies initially.

If you want to be one of the first to join and get access to early-bird specials, then join our waitlist now.

Pharmacy Owners Love Us

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And We Are Obsessed With Them

Andy Brown

Andy Brown

Multi-Pharmacy Owner

I read it religiously every Friday. I always learn something new.

Bharat Sinojia

Bharat Sinojia

Braselton Pharmacy

I have learned so much from day 1 and I always get a fast response when I ask a question.

Dennis Czerw

Dennis Czerw

Parkway Pharmacy

These guys are the best and go above and beyond to help other pharmacy owners!

Truman Warren

Truman Warren

Tru Med Pharmacy

I have been completely rejuvenated since finding you. Thank you for all you do!

Isha Gupta

Isha Gupta

HatchRx Compounding Pharmacy

First of all, thank you for organizing a wonderful pharmacy profit summit. All the information and the speakers were incredible.

Bob Borgatti

Bob Borgatti

Vienna Drug Center

You have such wonderful information and so many great ideas. Thank you!

Scotty Sykes

Scotty Sykes

Sykes & Company, PA

Your newsletters are well done and you’re doing a great job out there. Keep it up!

Fred Battah

Fred Battah

Real Value Products

You make everything fun again!

Vandana Singh

Vandana Singh

JV Pharmacy

As always, you are full of ideas and great advice. 

pepper Mintz

Pepper Mintz

Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment

I love your FB Posts and the information via email. I look forward to reading it when I see the notification.

Scott Borntreger

Scott Borntreger

Harry's Pharmacy

Being one of the elder members of the group (30 years in business), I love all the new and great ideas for pharmacy.  Especially with our new pharmacy, we really want to become one of the leaders of our profession.

We Are A Trusted Industry Expert

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DiversifyRx and Dr. Lisa Faast Have Been Recently Featured On:

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    Does it seem that you don't get the same success as other owners? They aren't lucky; they are probably better implementors. You can be too. Gaining traction on a new initiative takes time, training, and effort. Your employees need to be bought-in. Your marketing needs to be in alignment. Let's maximize what you are already doing to improve your profits.

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Small improvements mean big profits

  • Put ideas into action

  • Diversify your marketing initiatives

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    Do you have a revenue problem? If you are like most pharmacy owners, the answer is yes, and it's not what you think. It is not a quantity problem; it is a quality problem. Most pharmacies are too dependent on PBMs for their revenue. You need to develop new revenue streams. We recommend focusing on growing your cash-based and non-PBM revenue streams to be more profitable.

  • New revenue streams

  • Cash-based options

  • Turn-key clinical opportunities

  • Diverse revenues mean a stronger pharmacy

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    There are so many things out of your control as a pharmacy owner. Rather than be frustrated over those, turn your attention to what you can control and improve. DIR fees? Yep, they suck AND you can manage them. PBMs reducing your margins? Then it is time to optimize your PBM revenue. It's always easier to improve profits through cost controls than revenue expansion.

  • Narrow your focus to what matters

  • Learn how to calculate benchmarks

  • Improve your metrics

  • Stay ahead of the curve


The secret to a thriving profitable pharmacy is just pennies a day.


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Dr. Lisa Faast

Dr. Lisa  Faast

I am on a mission to save independent pharmacies. Every pharmacy owner deserves to have a thriving, profitable pharmacy.


I became a pharmacy owner for the first time in 2005. I have been helping pharmacy owners improve their profitability and diversify their revenue streams since 2012. I know what it takes to be a pharmacy badass. 

About DiversifyRx

  • DiversifyRx gives you, the pharmacy owner, the critical information you need to maximize your revenue and optimize your profits
  • DiversifyRx is committed to sharing information in a no BS way, so you can succeed and flourish
  • No more guessing on how you can make improvements to your pharmacy
  • Access information at your own pace
  • New content is constantly being created
  • Learn about new opportunities and companies to grow your revenue
  • Discover strategies to reduce your expenses
  • Optimize your operations for a bigger bottom line

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