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5 Causes of Crappy Cash Flow & How To Fix Them

Have you felt the pinch of tight cash flow? Dig into these common causes and start loosening your cash flow.

7 Critical KPIs For Retail Pharmacy Worksheet

How is your pharmacy performing compared to industry benchmarks? Remove the guesswork and create a plan to get them in the green.

Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion Sheet

You can freely edit this template to suit your personal recommendations. Once you print it, then laminate it for daily use. 

Doctor Detailing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Are you making these common mistakes when you visit prescribers' offices? Find out and fix them now!

Bounce Back Coupon Template

These are perfect for community events, donation rewards, or just patient surprises. The coupon is good for the next visit.

5 Critical KPIs for Pharmacy Technicians

Secure that next raise or bonus and be the profit hero by improving these KPIs.

Increase Your Cash Flow By Decreasing Your Inventory

Get some quick tips for managing your inventory so you can increase your pharmacy's cash flow. 

Non-Sterile Compound Pharmacy

Are you looking to start compounding? Here's a list of common items and ingredients you may want to consider.

Customer Avatar Worksheet

To be successful, you need to clearly define who your target customer is. This worksheet will help you do that.

Dermatology Compounding Ideas

Looking for some great cash compounding ideas? Here is a list of great ingredients.

5 KPIs You Should Fix Now

A KPI, is a business metric used to measure the performance of a particular part of your pharmacy business. You can save time by fixing the most critical KPI's.

14 Strategies To Boost Cash Flow

Cash Is King. Get your pharmacy’s cash flow reigning supreme. Cash flow can be tight for many reasons. Here are the quickest and easiest methods for increasing it.

Employee Management Made Easy!

Use this controlling calendar to track all the critical tasks for your pharmacy. Your employees can easily keep track of what they need to do.

Local Pharmacy Reaction Template - Mark Cuban

Use this template to reach out to your local media people and get some coverage on your pharmacy in comparison to Mark Cuban Cost Drug Company.

OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Training

These files are designed to assist trainers conducting OSHA 10-hour General Industry outreach training for workers.

At Home COVID Test Request Attestation Sheet

You can use this file to request 8 at-home COVID tests per person that can be used for home or school use.

Compounding Bookmarks

Prescribing information made easy by having these compounding bookmarks.

Press Release Template 

Use this template to create a press release about multi-dose packaging services and CVS' discontinuation of SimpleDose.

2024 DIR Fee Guide Book

The pharmacy owner's guide to navigating DIR Fee Apocalypse. Strategies for 2024 and beyond.

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