how to start a vaccine program in your pharmacy

May 9 2024

How To Start A Vaccine Program In Your Pharmacy

Are you finally thinking of starting a vaccine program in your independent pharmacy? Adding vaccine administration to your list of pharmacy services is a great way to serve and protect your community while increasing your pharmacy’s visibility, revenue, and profit. Let’s dive into how to start your pharmacy’s vaccine program. Most pharmacies can get a vaccine […]

May 1 2024

10 Pharmacy Marketing Lessons From The Eclipse

Alright, let’s deviate from the usual and explore something unexpected—pharmacy marketing lessons from the recent total solar eclipse!  Now, I get it. You might be wondering how on Earth (or should I say, in the sky?) this relates to pharmacy marketing. But trust me, there’s more to this cosmic event than meets the eye. April […]
targeted pharmacy marketing

Mar 22 2024

The Case for Targeted Marketing for Independent Pharmacy Owners

People will buy more often and spend more with you when you make an offer that feels like it was created just for them. This is why independent pharmacies should focus more on targeted marketing. Independent pharmacy owners face the challenge of staying profitable while maintaining the personal touch that sets them apart. With Prescription […]
pharmacy profit travel medication

Mar 15 2024

Pharmacy Profit Boost: Travel Medications

Your pharmacy can be the key to a successful vacation by providing profit-boosting travel medications to your community. It’s spring break time, and summer camps, vacations, and travel plans are just around the corner. Your patients are spending their hard-earned money and limited time away from work on a vacation. They don’t want it spoiled […]
social media pharmacy profit

Feb 22 2024

Leveraging Social Media Trends For Increased Pharmacy Profit

You are leaving far too much money on the table if you aren’t leveraging social media trends to increase your pharmacy profit.  Social media is an amazing free tool for pharmacy owners. Yet, there are so many who don’t benefit because they are unsure how to use it or where to start. We have some […]
Marketing 2023 Image

Jan 18 2024

Best of 2023: Pharmacy Marketing

At DiversifyRx, we LOVE pharmacy marketing. Check out our top 2023 blogs to help amp up your pharmacy’s marketing game in 2024. Pharmacy marketing is one of our favorite topics here. Just like all things in life, it can be a double-edged sword. Marketing for your pharmacy can bring prosperity, or it can be a […]
indpendent pharmacy marketing

Dec 28 2023

Simple Monthly Independent Pharmacy Marketing Trick

Learn this simple pharmacy marketing trick to have more loyal patients. As an independent pharmacy owner, you may have realized that patients can’t always recognize the valuable difference between your pharmacy and the competition. As a pharmacy owner, it’s up to you to help them see the difference. You can share your awesomeness through your […]

Dec 14 2023

Solve Problems & Maximize Revenue With On-Hold Messaging

Let’s chat about creative ways to solve patients’ problems and maximize revenue using your pharmacy’s phone! Finding innovative ways to boost revenue isn’t just a smart business move in our highly competitive pharmacy industry; it’s necessary for long-term success. Savvy pharmacy owners focus on in-store strategies to boost revenues from current patients. One often overlooked […]

Nov 30 2023

Building Patient Loyalty: Creating a Pharmacy Membership Program

My bold statement: every pharmacy owner would benefit by offering a pharmacy membership program. Building patient loyalty and increasing spending go hand in hand with achieving long-term success in the pharmacy landscape. One effective technique to achieve both of these goals is to establish a pharmacy membership program. These programs offer a range of benefits […]

Aug 18 2023

Navigating Innovation and Insights: Unveiling the Gems of the NACDS Total Store Expo for Independent Pharmacy

Guest Blog by DiversifyRx CRO, Heather Haro In a constantly evolving independent pharmacy landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest products, services, and strategies is vital for pharmacy owners. The NACDS Total Store Expo, an annual event hosted by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), provides a platform for attendees to immerse themselves in […]

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