Four Hot OTC Products for Pain Patients

4 hot otc products to help with patient pain and boost pharmacy profits
4 hot otc products to help with patient pain and boost pharmacy profits

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Helping patients with pain can be both clinically rewarding and great for your bottom line too!

Stop The Pain

Pain, pain go away is often the song that many of your patients are singing when they come through the doors of your pharmacy, and for good reason, no one likes pain! One of my crusades since my first pharmacy has been giving patients pain options without opioids. 

Summer is a perfect time to encourage our patients to be more active and enjoy the outdoors. Pain can stop this fun before it even starts. Pain can be acute short-term weekend warrior pain or the chronic debilitating kind. While prescriptions have their place, I love helping patients with alternative options. 

Adding these to any current therapy your patients are on can help them achieve more pain-free time and possibly reduce their need for prescription pain solutions. 

Here are my favorite OTC products that create additional profit for you while relieving patient pain. 

  1. Hollywog WiFi TENS Unit
  2. AMS Nitric Oxide 
  3. CBD Products
  4. Nudora Probiotics

Hollywog WiFi WiTouch Pro TENS Unit:

The Hollywog WiFi TENS Unit utilizes Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy to alleviate pain. TENS therapy sends low-voltage electrical currents to the affected area, stimulating the nerves and blocking pain signals. This TENS unit is attractive to patients because it’s wireless and controlled through a smartphone, and the lightweight, minimal design allows it to be worn discreetly under clothing. 

This portable TENS unit may be small but it packs serious pain-reducing punches. My husband and I have both used this for back pain. His is chronic and severe, while mine is transient and fairly mild. The Hollywog unit helped with both amazingly well. You sell the unit to patients and then can get repeat purchases as they buy replacement pads. By offering the Hollywog WiFi TENS unit, you can provide your patients with a non-invasive, drug-free pain management option.

Marketing the Hollywog WiFi TENS Unit

To market this baby, I would take to the social media airways. Do a series of live videos showing how to use and where to place the TENS unit. You will want to break down each function and each part of the body that can be pain-free. Here are some other ideas for videos to help get your patients comfortable with using the unit:

  1. How to connect to a smartphone
  2. How to change the batteries
  3. How to operate the unit once it is connected
  4. How to apply the gel pads
  5. How to attach it to the body
  6. All the areas of pain can be relieved

Video pro-tip, be yourself, show your awesome personality and your patients will not only get excellent pain relief, but you will also build rapport via social media that is invaluable in helping your community. 

If any of your employees, friends, or family members have pain, give them a unit to try and get their feedback on video. It is even better if your employees wear it during their work shifts and can share their experiences. Another great angle is to give a unit to a local media DJ/celebrity and get their endorsement. Please click HERE for more information and use code: diversifyrx

Nitric Oxide AMS

AMS Nitric Oxide:

AMS Nitric Oxide offers one of the most impressive products pharmacies can stock and offer to their patients. This outstanding supplement enhances the body’s natural nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is crucial in dilating blood vessels and maintaining normal function. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, erectile dysfunction, heart conditions, and pain, as it helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and lower pain sensation. What sets AMS’ Nitric Oxide apart is it has ZERO oxalates! This difference means you can confidently recommend it to any patient regardless of their kidney stone history. 

The decline of nitric oxide levels typically begins in one’s 40s, but even younger patients can experience deficiencies. Instead of recommending a supplement that may be unnecessary, the pharmacy can perform a simple 10-second saliva test to determine the patient’s current nitric oxide levels. Our patients feel the difference – more energy and less pain. I bet yours will too. For more information about AMS Nitric Oxide, please click HERE.

CBD Products:

CBD has gained significant popularity recently for its potential therapeutic benefits, including pain management. CBD stores are popping up everywhere, and your patients deserve the highest quality products with professional recommendations rather than suggestions by a high schooler. Pharmacies can and should own the CBD niche in your community. When you carry high-quality, effective options for your patients, you can enjoy the extra profit, and your patients enjoy less pain.

Not to mention many of our favorite companies, like PharmaCanna and Ananda Professional, offer an excellent money-back guarantee that you can extend to your patients. Your patients trust you and will listen to your recommendations, boosting your CBD sales and giving your pain patients an excellent solution. 

One byproduct of pain is difficulty sleeping. Helping patients sleep can be just as beneficial as reducing their pain. My favorite CBD-based sleep solution is Ananda PM Blend. This formulation has a higher level of CBN which helps relax the mind and body.

Nudora Probiotics:

While probiotics are commonly associated with gut health, research suggests they also impact pain management. Nudora Probiotics is specifically formulated to support pain relief. It contains strains of beneficial bacteria that can positively influence inflammation levels, potentially reducing pain. By offering Nudora Probiotics in your independent pharmacy, you provide patients with a holistic approach to pain management, addressing the potential gut-pain connection. The strains it contains are also clinically proven to help with weight management too!

Don’t Set & Forget

As an independent pharmacy owner, it’s essential to stock a diverse range of over-the-counter drugs to cater to your patients’ pain relief needs. No matter how great the products work, they won’t sell themselves. I highly recommend creating a special section to highlight your chosen products. You must also ensure your team is educated and talking to your patients about these options. 

A great way to kick off and grow an OTC-focused program is with an employee bonus program. Reward your staff for sharing information, getting a saliva test, and, yes, sales!! Our Pharmacy Badass University members can work with our team to create games, tracking, and bonus programs to ensure a successful launch of these OTC pain relief products. 

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