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5 daily habits to improve your pharmacy

May 22 2024

5 Daily Habits To Improve Your Pharmacy

5 Daily Habits to Improve Your Pharmacy: A Recipe for Success You don’t have to have hours of free time every day to improve your pharmacy; you can adopt these simple five daily habits and get started today. Running an independent pharmacy can sometimes feel like juggling while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. It’s […]
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Jan 18 2024

Best of 2023: Pharmacy Team Development

Get ready to explore the top Pharmacy Team Development articles of 2023 tailored for Independent Pharmacies. Your pharmacy team can be your greatest strength or your worst weakness. Independent pharmacy owners have experienced many of the same trials and tribulations that other business owners have when it comes to hiring, firing, and retaining employees. While […]
hazardous drug compliance pharmacy

Oct 27 2023

Hazardous Drug Compliance

Not all medications are created equal. Are you handling your hazardous drug properly?  Hazardous drugs constitute a distinct category of pharmaceuticals that demand special attention from all types of pharmacies, not just compounding. Adhering to regulations related to hazardous drugs in pharmacies is of vital importance. Compliance for hazardous drugs will look wildly different based […]

Oct 27 2023

Navigating DEA Compliance: Essential Insights for Independent Pharmacy Owners

It is important to stay on top of DEA compliance in this ever-changing world. Many changes, requirements, and increases in enforcement are heading to independent pharmacy owners in November. In a recent podcast, Jeff Hedges from RJ Hedges shared with us some of the new items the DEA is looking for in your pharmacy. Our […]

Jul 28 2023

Nurturing Excellence: Providing Coaching and Feedback to Your Pharmacy Team Members

Provide personalized feedback that helps grow your team. If you’ve been running an independent pharmacy for some time, you know that a key responsibility of yours is to guide and develop your pharmacy team members to reach their full potential by offering feedback and training. You may have felt tempted to forgo offering feedback and […]

Jul 21 2023

Developing Team Members into Pharmacy Leaders: A Roadmap to Success

 “A profession without leaders from within that profession is simply not sustainable.” – Shikaze D. A lot has been said about leadership (or lack thereof) in pharmacy. Independent pharmacy owners feel the weight of a widespread leadership deficit and the lack of much-needed exemplars.   “A profession without leaders from within that profession is simply not […]

Jul 14 2023

Enhancing Communication With Employees: The Power of The DISC Assessment

The power of the DISC assessment is the secret sauce you need to become unstoppable! Enhancing Communication with Employees: The Power of The DISC Assessment is a guest blog by Lisa Baker, DiversifyRx senior growth strategist and John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Consultant.  We hear time and time again that a significant pain in pharmacy […]

Jul 7 2023

7 Secrets to Transform Your Independent Pharmacy Team into a Powerhouse

You can turn your independent pharmacy team into a powerhouse with these seven secrets. Pharmacy ownership can feel lonely at times, and we get it. The buck stops with you, quite literally. The good news is that you’re not alone. We’re in the trenches with you and understand the challenges you’re up against. Our goal […]
How to Ditch Independent Pharmacy Owner Overwhelm

May 26 2023

How To Ditch Independent Pharmacy Owner Overwhelm

Being overwhelmed as a pharmacy owner might be common, but we shouldn't accept it as normal. Let's shatter the myth and the status quo that owning a pharmacy has to be confusing, hair-pulling, and overwhelming. Sure, there are a lot of things you have to pay attention to. That doesn't mean you have to feel like you are drowning. By implementing some systems and structure changes into your day-to-day, you can control your day (and your pharmacy) rather than it controlling you.
How Delegation Can Transform Your Independent Pharmacy

Apr 21 2023

How Delegation Can Transform Your Independent Pharmacy

Effective delegation is a critical differentiator between highly successful independent pharmacy owners and those who barely get by. 

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