Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 Day 1

pharmacy profit summit
pharmacy profit summit

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022! We are still amazed at the lineup of extraordinary speakers at the summit. 

Our event did sell out. We know that not everyone who wanted to attend could; even some with tickets got the dreaded positive test and couldn’t make it. In this blog, we will cover some of the highlights of the summit speakers and how you can learn more about them!

From first to last, here are all the speakers from day 1 of the Pharmacy Profit Summit on August 8, 2022.

Dr. Lisa Faast – Welcome

As the event host, Dr. Faast wanted to drive home the importance of diversifying and optimizing all your pharmacy revenue streams now more than ever. Dr. Faast showed how the current state of inflation is eroding every pharmacy’s profits. Because of the diminishing prescription profits, pharmacy owners must develop new revenue streams.

You can learn more about Dr. Lisa Faast and DiversifyRx here.

Bill Holmes – Taking Advantage of Medical-At-Home Opportunities

As the CEO of RxSafe, Bill Holmes is focused on improving operational and financial performance for independent pharmacies. RxSafe has partnered with GeriMed to make it easier for pharmacies to develop a Medical-At-Home niche. 

You can learn more about RxSafe here.

Lisa Faast – Video Marketing For Increased Pharmacy Profits

Video marketing is vital for social media algorithms and getting the word about your pharmacy. Video marketing is free marketing, and people love it. Look at the trends of TikTok and Instagram Reels- people are craving video content. Dr. Faast walked attendees through the best tips and gave a ton of ideas for creating your content calendar so you never have to worry about what topics to talk about. 

You can learn more about video marketing here.

Alex Capano – Yes! This Sh*t Works

Dr. Alex Capano dove deep into recent clinical trials on CBD and various disease states. The data is overwhelmingly positive. Yes, a full-spectrum CBD product can really help your patients live their best lives. Ananda Professional offers a money-back guarantee on their products, and a works the first night guaranteed on their PM Blend. 

Be sure to talk to Ananda Professional about how you can qualify for them to pay $100 of your Pharmacy Badass University membership (that’s over 50% off!)

You can learn more about Ananada Professional here.

Rapid Fire Session #1 – Monetizing Your Diabetic Patients

1. Mark Nelson – Optavia

Dr. Nelson dove head first into how helping patients lose weight can significantly improve their diabetes. He then discussed how pharmacy owners could use the four components of a weight loss coaching program to provide an additional revenue stream for the pharmacy. Weight loss coaching revenue is cash-based, and you need less than $300 to start. 

You can learn more about Dr. Nelson and Optavia here.

2. Dr. Lisa Faast

Dr. Faast gave a quick presentation about how Nitric Oxide testing is easier than ever and is a great cash-based revenue program pharmacy owners must consider. Approved Medical Solutions is her recommended vendor for Nitric Oxide testing systems, and pharmacy owners can target people with diabetes to help them improve their circulation. Click HERE to check them.

3. Patrick Doyle – NeuropaCalm

Patrick dove into the peripheral neuropathy cases on the rise, with an estimated 25-30 million people in the United States being affected. NeuropaCalm provides a unique solution to people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Their light therapy helps reduce pain, increases oxygen, and encourages patient blood flow.

You can learn more about NeropaCalm here.

4. Stephanie Zimmerman – Ananda Advanced Foot Comfort Systems

Many people with diabetes are vulnerable to issues with their feet, and Ananda’s foot comfort systems are designed to help people protect their feet while providing comfort. Their cooling lotion and socks are a great way to add additional cash-based revenue to your pharmacy while offering fantastic relief for your patients.

You can learn more about Ananda’s Foot Comfort Systems here.

5. Monique Pettigrew – Mobile MediClaim

Monique shared information on how to earn revenue from spending time with your diabetic patients. There are many things that pharmacists and pharmacy personnel are already doing, and once you get contracted with medical plans, you can bill for these services. 

You can learn more about Mobile MediCalim here.

6. Ean Shelley – ValueCare Suite

Ean discussed how pharmacies could use RPM and CCM to monetize their diabetic patient care. One of the biggest takeaways is that you can partner with local physicians to increase your pharmacy revenue. You can turn non-revenue generating activities into revenue generating activities quickly. ValueCare Suite’s software and service remove all heavy lifting and the most common barriers in providing RPM and CCM care. You and your prescribers will love it, your patients will get better care, and everyone gets to increase their bottom line. 

You can learn more about ValueCare Suite here.

Heather Haro – Get Free Marketing Through Local Nonprofits

Not many people think of using nonprofits to get free marketing, which is why this training was a big “aha” moment for some. Cause Marketing is a simple collaboration between a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization. She dove into the #1 rule of giving value first. Heather spoke about how you can offer value to nonprofit organizations by sharing a portion of your sales back to the nonprofit. Then, the nonprofit can bring value to your pharmacy by promoting your services to their subscribers. 

You can reach out to DiversifyRx and Heather Haro here.

Allan Dib – One Page Marketing Plan

One of the most anticipated keynote speakers was Allan Dib. He dove deep into the on-page marketing plan he has taught worldwide and gave pharmacists countless strategies to pursue. Allan gave a lot of insight on correctly identifying your target audience, your message, and what type of media you will use to reach your target audience. There was so much he covered, so make sure you buy his book!

You can learn more about Allan Dib and his one-page marketing plan here.

Dr. Tim Ulbrich – Pursuing Financial Independence as a Pharmacy Owner

Financial independence is a common goal amongst pharmacy owners. Dr. Ulbrich loves teaching pharmacy owners the foundational concepts of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement. Since most pharmacy owners focus on the “FI” portion of FIRE, Tim walked the audience through the calculations, so you know exactly how much you need to be financially independent.

Check out Tim Ulbrich and get further financial understanding here.

Wrap Up

Yes! That was all in one day. We try to pack our Pharmacy Profit Summit with as much actionable information as possible. 

If you have a case of FOMO, have no fear, we have you covered. As a member of Pharmacy Badass University, you can get access to all the session recordings from 2022 AND 2021! You can learn more about becoming a member HERE.

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