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Inspirational Stories

Penny Leaver (Optavia)
before shot

Penny Leaver (Optavia):
Shoot date: 12/7
Photographer: Nicole Mlakar
Location: Rock Fitness at Farmersville, TX
Hair: LYDIA DURÓN/Zenobia Agency
Stylist:  KIMBER YANK/Zenobia Agency
Main stylist who pulled wardrobe, fittings and styled remotely on shoot day: Don Sumada
Fuschia zip jacket by LULULEMON
Marbleized print tights by DKNY
Black sneakers by ADIDAS
Shapewear shorts by YUMMIE

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Control Your Income With A Thriving Weight Loss Niche

No special certification or accreditation and no large investment is needed to help your community lose weight and get healthy.


Looking for a cash-based business that uses your counseling and professional skills? With this turn-key program, you will be given every resource needed so you can create a thriving coaching business in your community.


You can help patients whether they are pharmacy patients or not. There is no medical billing or PBM billing involved. This is the professional coaching niche you've been looking for. You will be helping patients learn about nutrition, how to eat better, and most importantly take back control of their health.


*No Credentialing *No Billing *No COGS *No PBMs *No Fees

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How will a weight loss niche impact your pharmacy?

Increased Revenue

You can leverage your time and knowledge to help patients get healthier and you get paid.


Decrease your reliance on PBMs by growing a cash-based revenue stream. 


Be the solution your community needs to get healthier and happier. You can help patients locally or anywhere in the world.

Pharmacist with Client
Man holding pill bottle

Simple Startup

Unlike other businesses with significant startup costs for both time and money, this program keeps it simple.


- Basic startup cost is $199

- No inventory

- No minimums

- No malpractice insurance

- Free training and support

- No billing

- Turn-key implementation

Life Balance

You are limited to filling prescriptions during business hours which creates a crunch. With weight loss coaching you can control your time and work at your convenience.


- Create scheduled visits

- Have digital encounters

- Customize your schedule

- Get predictability

Pills in a foil container

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