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how to start a vaccine program in your pharmacy

May 9 2024

How To Start A Vaccine Program In Your Pharmacy

Are you finally thinking of starting a vaccine program in your independent pharmacy? Adding vaccine administration to your list of pharmacy services is a great way to serve and protect your community while increasing your pharmacy’s visibility, revenue, and profit. Let’s dive into how to start your pharmacy’s vaccine program. Most pharmacies can get a vaccine […]
manufacturer coupon

May 7 2024

How To Properly Use A Manufacturer Coupon in Independent Pharmacy

It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer coupon rules, not just for the benefit of your patients, but also to steer clear of potential PBM audit issues.  It used to be so easy. Back in the day (yes, I am getting old, I can say back in the day!), if you had a manufacturer coupon, […]
pbm optimizaton

Jan 11 2024

Best of 2023: Pharmacy PBM Optimization

Get caught up with our most popular articles on PBM Optimization for independent pharmacy owners. For most pharmacy owners reading this, PBMs are integral to your business as much as they suck the lifeblood from you and your pharmacy. The average pharmacy has more than 90% of its revenue flowing through a PBM. Therefore, you […]

Dec 7 2023

Increasing Per-Patient Spending In Independent Pharmacy

The lowest-hanging fruit to grow your pharmacy profitably is to increase per-patient spending. The lowest-hanging fruit to grow your pharmacy profitably is to increase per-patient spending from your current customer base. Running a profitable pharmacy requires more than just providing the right medications and healthcare products. It’s essential to maximize every patient’s spending to thrive […]
a guide to PBM audits

Oct 26 2023

Mastering PBM Billing Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide To A PBM Audit

Don’t let a PBM audit ruin your plans.  When your pharmacy relies on a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) for 90% or more of its revenues, it’s imperative to ensure 100% PBM billing compliance so you can pass any PBM audit. Compliance with PBM billing regulations is more critical than ever, given the increasing number of […]

Feb 2 2023

2024 DIR Fee Changes

What is the DIR Fee Apocalypse? Everything You Need To Know. DIR Fees are the bane of any pharmacy owner. Make sure you are ready for the changes coming in 2024. If you’re a pharmacy owner, you know DIR fees and how they can negatively impact the cash flow of your pharmacy. What many pharmacy […]

Oct 5 2022

NCPA Annual Convention Exhibitor Recap 2022

Here are the 10 most exciting companies I saw at the 2022 NCPA annual convention.  NCPA held its 2022 annual convention in Kansas City. I know Ian kept some people home, as did some sickness. Fear not if you missed attending! I will recap the most exciting and profit-creating companies I saw on the exhibitor […]
Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 Recap Day 2

Aug 25 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 – Day 2

If you missed the Day 1 Pharmacy Profit Summit recap, you can catch it here. Day 2 was packed with even more speakers that gave critical information on how to grow your profits with various solutions. Let’s dive into day two and get the specific information you need. Dr. Lisa Faast Dr. Faast started by welcoming […]
pharmacy profit summit

Aug 19 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 Day 1

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022! We are still amazed at the lineup of extraordinary speakers at the summit.  Our event did sell out. We know that not everyone who wanted to attend could; even some with tickets got the dreaded positive test and couldn’t make it. In […]
The Third Pharmacy Profit Pillar

May 31 2022

PBM Optimization: The Third Pharmacy Profit Pillar

Our third pharmacy profit pillar, PBM Optimization, will significantly impact your bottom line in the shortest amount of time for most independent retail pharmacies. While most pharmacy owners hate PBMs, they are a part of our everyday business and the key to success. You can’t ignore them when about 90% of a pharmacy’s revenue is […]

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