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#1 CBD Brand Recommended and
Used By The DiversifyRx Team

Ananda Professional is a unique CBD company. 


  • They control their product from genetics to the field to the pharmacy.
  • They invest $40 million plus in clinical research.
  • Ananda Professional is the only CBD company to have FDA-approved studies.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee, so you can give your patients a guarantee. 


Ananda Professional's products have changed our lives. Jason (Lisa's husband) has had insomnia for decades. He had tried and failed everything. 


He could only fall asleep with 150mg of diphenhydramine every night!!! Yeah, that is high, and it is not healthy. But he needed sleep. 


We heard about Ananda Professional's "first-night guarantee" for the PM Blend product. We both thought there was no way it would work for Jason. I laughed out loud at the thought that something as simple as a tincture could fix his decades-long problem of insomnia. 


He tried it. 


And it worked the first night!!!!


No joke. 


Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, he tried it again. It worked again. 


Within 2 months of taking it, his general health improved dramatically.


First off, he was a joy to be around. Gone was the grumpy, always irritated Jason.


Secondly, he lost the bags under his eyes.


Thirdly, he also lost about 20 pounds without even trying. Now, I am not claiming the CBD made him lose weight. I think it was the real sleep he was finally getting. 


Jason's story is why we are passionate about Ananda Professional's products. I know you will love changing your patients' lives with them too. 

DiversifyRx Affiliated Pharmacies Have A Dedicated Ananda Professional Rep

Why Ananda Professional?

#1 Pharmacist Recommended
CBD Brand

Our holistic approach to cannabinoid science empowers you to live a happier, healthier life - free of pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


Ananda Professional is the #1 CBD brand at over 4,000 independent pharmacies, bringing millions of families the safe and effective relief they need. 

Ananda CBD Bottle
CBD in a beaker

Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp

Experience whole-body relief and relaxation with full-spectrum hemp extract formulated from our premium Kentucky-grown flowers.


Ananda Professional set the standard for seed-to-shelf vertical integration, maintaining total oversight from farm to pharmacy. 

DiversifyRx Affiliated Pharmacies Have A Dedicated Ananda Professional Rep

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