Back To School Preparedness For Independent Pharmacy Owners

back to school pharmacy owner
back to school pharmacy owner

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Independent pharmacies can play a significant role in helping local communities prepare for back to school. 

As most parents know, schools are a petri dish for all things contagious. From preschool to high school, students’ and teachers’ immune systems are tested each return of the school year. As a local independent pharmacy owner, you can help prevent and treat common ailments arising from back to school activities. 

Let’s review some of my favorite products you can provide for your community. I recommend making a couple versions of student preparedness and teacher readiness ‘packs’ you can sell. Creating thoughtfully curated and convenient packs will result in more purchases than having everything separate. 

Products For Littles One & Adults


CofixRx is one of my favorite new products that I use on my whole family. It is an iodine-based nasal spray. It works by clinging to the mucous membranes, and we all know how well iodine kills pathogenic invaders. By placing iodine throughout the nasal cavity, you can kill microscopic things before they have a chance to take hold in the body. You can use the spray up to 3 times a day. In my family, we never remember to do it that many times. We have got into a good routine of spraying everyone in the morning before we go about our day. I have personally seen an improvement in our sick downtime. 

Vinco Liposomal Vitamins

Vinco’s liposomal line is one of my favorites. If you haven’t learned the wonders of liposomes with vitamins, let me tell you, they are awesome. Better absorption, improved effects, and cost-effectiveness are all reasons to love them. I would recommend vitamin D, zinc, and B12 for back-to-school readiness. However, that does not mean the other ones aren’t great. They are. Many women need iron and can’t tolerate it well. Vinco’s liposomal iron will solve that. Check out their liposomal products HERE; they only sell through healthcare professionals. 


Unfortunately, these are still a part of our lives. DiversifyRx has negotiated with RxRise to get you a great price on them. You can get $5 per test (which includes shipping) with a minimum order of 1 case of 300. Not only can you sell these to parents and teachers, but many businesses will also be interested (perhaps even the school district). When you order by phone or their website, mention Lisa or DiversifyRx to get your discount.

Other POCT (Flu, Strep, RSV)

The usual suspects are still hanging around. Many schools, businesses, and parents will be eager to distinguish between a cold, the flu, or COVID. While you could do only COVID tests to rule it out, why stop there? Offer more tests to try and get an answer for your patients. Convenience sells these tests. Sure, patients can make an appointment with their doctor or wait in an urgent care, but many would rather pay for quick answers on their time. 

FYI: for all Pharmacy Badass University members, we have added the wonderful POCT Queen Dr. Kristin Tallent’s signature point of care testing course in the membership just in time to be ready for the start of the peak season towards the end of October. Watch out for communication when it is live. This new course is all included in your membership!

Greg The Chemical Guy

I owe a debt of gratitude to Greg the Chemical Guy. His products are what allowed my kids’ daycare to remain open throughout the entire pandemic. The school implemented all his sanitizing procedures and products, and we didn’t have even one positive case. His products are unique. He has a 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer that lasts all day and through several hand washings. Perfect for kids and grownups alike. These cleaning products are another option to sell to parents, teachers, or businesses. 

Self-Sanitizing Masks

There is some cool fabric technology that allows it to self-sanitize. Most people don’t change their masks often enough, becoming nasty. If anyone in your community wants to wear a mask to protect themself, these masks from RBS are a great option. They also have self-sanitizing cell phone sleeves that sanitize your phone (go ahead and Google how dirty your phone is!). 

Sleep Support

Adjusting to an in-school sleep schedule is challenging for my family. To lessen the pain of switching bedtimes and waking times, I highly recommend using Ananda Professional’s PM Blend. It helps you fall asleep quickly and is very effective. Melatonin can cause nightmares, which isn’t fun for anyone. You can use it on children and adults alike. 

Cool Offer Alert: Ananda Professional will pay $100 towards any pharmacy’s Pharmacy Badass University membership when they meet the simple requirements. To learn more and to take advantage of DiversifyRx discounts with Ananda Professional, contact Blake at or 859-333-6020.


Probiotics are indeed good year-round. However, due to the extra stress, new diet, and the new environment when returning to school, now is a great time to take them. In general, you should recommend probiotics that have multiple strains in a single product. Then, you want to recommend patients rotate their probiotics approximately every six months. I like to look for options that include FOS or other prebiotics. There are many great products from many companies, so pick your favorites here and carry a few options. 

Here are some recommendations for students.


An outbreak of lice in one of your local schools is inevitable. Some great products work as prevention and others as treatment. Some parents want natural therapies, while others like the most potent lice killer you can sell. I like the Fairy Tales product line for both treatment and prevention. You should be able to purchase this from your regular wholesaler or directly from the company. A great FDA-registered device called the V-Comb is a hot seller too. 


It is tough for kids to go from free playing days to structured classrooms. Many need help focusing. While some will need prescriptions, others just need a little help. Products with ingredients such as omegas, choline, ashwagandha, phosphatidylcholine, or GABA are usually very effective. I prefer to purchase several varieties from Emerson Ecologics. This website sells many professional brands of supplements. The products from Brain MD or DaVinci are probably my best sellers. 

Recommendations for Teachers

B-Complex Sublingual 

A good sublingual B-complex is my go-to when I need energy. Teachers that I know can use a boost of energy! It is essential to talk to them about their MTHFR status. Most won’t know what this is. If they don’t know their status, I always recommend the methylated versions. You can find sublingual B-complexes with methyl B12 and methyl folate. These products can often be bought from your primary wholesalers or on sites like Emerson Ecologics. 

Stress Formulas

Adaptogens help our bodies deal with stress from any angle. They can help support our adrenals, endocrine systems, and our sanity. I recommend carrying several varieties, from gummies to liquids to pills, to meet the needs of your community. This category is another with many products and companies with outstanding options. Pick a few favorites and carry those. 

I hope these options have sparked some ideas for you. To create some packs, get some buckets or baskets, include popular choices, and price them at a slight discount from buying all separately. You can even package them as teacher gifts too. 

If you want information on joining Pharmacy Badass University, you can get more information HERE. Please send any questions or comments to Dr. Lisa Faast at

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