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Video marketing is the number one most powerful tool for growing your pharmacy sales. 

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can be financially beneficial to your pharmacy. Videos on social media have high engagement rates, and it’s easy to repurpose videos and distribute them on multiple social media channels. 

In a recent post, we discussed video marketing and took a deep dive into the different types like live, educational, testimonial, company culture, professionally produced, and product review. We also went over a handful of strategies and helpful tips to start making your very own pharmacy videos. Now, we will help you understand the approach of using videos in your pharmacy marketing. We’ll talk a lot about Facebook because it’s your number one social media platform for independent pharmacies. (Learn more about Facebook marketing).

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the marketing or promotion of a brand or offering over the internet using video, one of the most efficient digital marketing tactics.  

Make videos with your team or alone, or switch back and forth when it makes sense. Most business owners make videos using their cell phones and if you really want to level up, use an app to add a little flare to the video, like adding wording, music, or popular emojis. Creating videos for marketing makes your content more sharable, accessible, not to mention more memorable! All great reasons to get started or continue your video marketing journey. 

Video Marketing Advice
Get Familiar With Social Media Algorithms

Social platforms have AI or artificial intelligence that determines which posts are shown on feeds, so understanding the different social media algorithms can work to your advantage, essentially so you can “hack” the algorithms. 

Facebook prefers to show audiences live and fresh content because it reaches many more people than uploaded videos. It’s free, it’s organic, it’s a live video, and you’re doing what Facebook wants you to do, so as a reward, they’ll show your videos. It’s not just Facebook; a lot of the platforms feature live video. 

Unless you know the other social media platforms well, stick to Facebook until you learn it through and through, then begin tackling others.

Dr. Tara Dominguez, the owner of TD Pharmacy Services, has discovered the benefit of using videos to increase her reach. After attending our Pharmacy Profit Summit Live, she decided to jump all in on video marketing and did her first Facebook live. Within just two short months, she is booked for services, making amazing new connections, and opening big new doors for herself. Her posts received boosted views and engagement because she stepped out of her comfort zone and started to do Facebook lives. 

If you want to hear more about Tara’s journey in marketing her closed-door clinical pharmacy, check out her video on DiversifyRx’s YouTube channel

Personal Pages Aren’t Personal Anymore

Like I do, many pharmacy owners frequently post on pharmacy owner Facebook groups. I have noticed that some commenters didn’t look like they even owned a pharmacy – that’s not a good look! 

Maybe the account is locked down, the profile photo isn’t flattering, or there’s nothing ‘pharmacy’ about your personal profile. That’s a big mistake. Pharmacy owner John Hyer and I discussed this during our recent summit interview. John believes your public life is gone when you own a pharmacy because it all intermingles.  

Make your private profile a piece of your business and keep a closer eye on what you post. If you’re afraid that customers will friend request you, don’t be scared, embrace the community role you’re in, clean up your page if you need to, and be more open. Authenticity is worth so much more than we realize. 

The personal reach is as important as the business reach. Tip: Don’t pay for a boost or ad from a personal page, only from a business page. It’s a waste of money, and it is against Facebook rules.

Editing And The Finishing Touches

Editing your 3-to-5-minute video doesn’t need to take long, and it helps to make it look more professional. You can edit videos on your phone or with popular apps like iMovie, Vizmato, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut, and more. Look up free video editing apps and find one that works for you and your budget.  

Facebook Live Editing: When the live broadcast ends, access and edit your recording under the Facebook Creator Studio Posts and trim the beginning and end of the video. You can create shorter clips if you want, stored automatically under Facebook’s Content Library. Download the video on your computer if you would like to use the live video on other platforms. When you upload to another channel, be sure to include the words “live video” in the description. This trick catches people’s attention better. 

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Creating video marketing content helps your pharmacy in many ways. Here are a few benefits of using video marketing:  

  • Keep current customers
  • Inform current customers
  • Reach out to potential customers
  • Engage your audience
  • Increase sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Build trust
  • Influence decision-making process (be a help to the customer’s purchase) 
  • Influences audience by acting as a shopping list they use to be reminded do things they need to purchase
  • Source of product reviews
6 Video Marketing Strategy Tips

Creating a strategy that you feel comfortable with is key to making it work effectively. Check out these six tips you can use for your video marketing strategy:

1. Video Quality Is Important

When you want your business to be known to people, make quality videos attractive to your customers. If the quality is good, then half the job is done. Now good quality doesn’t mean perfect or professional. Authenticity matters, and you don’t need to blow a huge budget. 

 2. The First 5 Seconds Matters

If you only have 5 seconds to make an excellent first impression, how would you make those first 5 seconds catchy and appealing to the eye? Experts say the first 5 seconds it critical to a successful video, so think about making a kick-ass first impression. You’ll increase our audience, and more customers will be interested in your video if it’s eye-catching. 

 3. Keep Your Posting Schedule

Planning your videos ahead of time will make them more attractive to your customers. But don’t let that stop you from recording the off-the-cuff live videos. 

Posting content on a schedule makes customers feel eager to hear what you have to say. You can break each segment up (if you have a series) when you prepare your videos and don’t forget to choose a title that makes your audience excited. Having a schedule and sticking to it shows that you can be trusted before someone is your customer.

 4. Record Demo Videos

Customers are more likely to purchase products if you demonstrate their value and need. With videos, you can explain what happens when they use your products or supplements, why they should use them, and what changes or improvements they may experience.

 5. Make Relatable Videos 

New patients are more likely to visit the pharmacy or purchase your products when creating video content related to their lives. Make a list of what you think they want to see, need, or can relate to.

 6. Be Truthful And Genuine

This tip is a crucial point while making a video for marketing purposes. Always speak the truth and be genuine. “Be yourself.” Authenticity is essential when you are reaching out to a large number of audiences or demographics. By sharing honestly, you and your pharmacy will be seen as trustworthy.

Get Started With Video Marketing Today!

It’s never too late to begin your video marketing strategy, especially now with seasons changing and fresh new content ideas that will come to mind. Check out my Perfect Fall Marketing Plan to learn more about Fall marketing tactics, a time when organizations think about charity, donations, and helping others. Videos are also a great way to keep your community and current patients informed of timely matters such as flu shots.

To learn more tips and strategies to help your pharmacy grow and become more successful, be sure to join DiversifyRx’s private Facebook Group.  

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