Team Development

Employee Management Made Simple

Apr 13 2021

Employee Management Made Easy

If you have been wondering how to effectively manage employees, I have an easy-to-use tool for you. Employees. You can’t have a successful pharmacy without them, and sometimes it seems you can’t have one with them either! Employee management isn’t a natural ability that most pharmacists have, even though pharmacists are often put in that […]
Hiring Best Practices for Pharmacy Owners

Feb 10 2021

Hiring Best Practices For Pharmacy Owners

Here are the hiring best practices to get the right people in the right position for maximum performance (and enjoyment!). Employees are the best and worst parts of owning a business. This conundrum is not unique to the independent pharmacy space. I get people questions every week: ‘How can I get my employees to show […]
6 Business Lessons To Learn From Heroin Dealers

Jan 29 2021

6 Business Lessons To Learn From Heroin Dealers

There are business lessons to be learned everywhere, and yes, even from heroin drug dealers. Unfortunately, heroin dealers know how to do business. Pharmacy owners can learn valuable lessons from these illegal business ventures and can easily implement similar techniques to improve their legal pharmacy businesses. I recently finished reading the book Dreamland by Sam […]

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