Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights Bonus Day

Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 recap
Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 recap

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Yes! We had a special Bonus Day event at the Pharmacy Profit Summit that focused solely on functional medicine and clinical-based pharmacy revenue and profits. 

Our 2022 Pharmacy Profit Summit was special as we added a pre-event Bonus Day. We gathered the leaders from functional medicine and clinical pharmacy programs to take attendees through the what and how of adding these niches to your pharmacy. It was nothing short of powerful. 

Keep reading for a recap of our Bonus Day event, and you can also catch the other recaps of Day 1 and Day 2

1. Dr. Jamie Wilkey – Pharmacogenetics 

First up was PGx powerhouse Dr. Jamie Wilkey. Jamie has been helping pharmacists and pharmacy owners implement PGx testing for the past two years. We are huge fans of PGx here at DiversifyRx. Dr. Wilkey broke down the process into an easy step-by-step path so attendees could see how simple it can be to add this to your pharmacy. PGx testing is a genuine patient-centric service (it can save lives and prevent terrible outcomes), and it is a fantastic cash-based revenue program for pharmacy owners. Learn more about Dr. Jamie Wilkey’s PGx Consulting Confidence Academy HERE.

2. Dr. Christine Manukyan – Wholistic Wellness Revolution 

Like other functional medicine practitioners, Dr. Christine Manukyan’s passion arises from her journey into physical healing through functional ways. One of Dr. Manukyan’s gifts is to be able to help pharmacists learn how to monetize their knowledge. By creating programs that leverage what you already know and then pricing it appropriately, you can have the freedom to be successful as a functional medicine coach. Attendees learned several useful equations and tips for pricing your services. You can learn more about Dr. Christine Manukyan here.

3. Dr. Lauren Castle – Functional Medicine

Diving further into functional medicine and pharmacy practice, Dr. Castle explained the “how” for going from a conventional approach to a functional system for treating common patient problems. Lauren shared an amazing framework that helps even beginners be successful in implementing a new approach to patient care. The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach where patients and practitioners can work together to address underlying disease causes. You can learn more and join Dr. Castle’s Facebook group HERE.

4. Dr. Kristin Tallent – Point of Care Testing

Up next was DiversifyRx’s POCT coach, Dr. Kristin Tallent. Point-of-care testing became mainstream during the pandemic though it had been around long before that. Demand will continue to increase for this service as your community wants options for on-demand care, and innovations keep producing more tests. Dr. Tallent walked attendees through the process of becoming a CLIA-waived lab with an emphasis on implementation in an independent pharmacy. 

DiversifyRx is committed to helping pharmacy owners be successful with point-of-care testing to help patients and increase pharmacy profit. We have partnered with Dr. Kristin Tallent to embed her POCT course within our Pharmacy Badass University for ALL members for FREE! 

“We have partnered with Dr. Kristin Tallent to embed her POCT course within our Pharmacy Badass University for ALL members for FREE!”

Dr. Lisa Faast

We are offering a unique, limited-time group coaching opportunity with Dr. Kristin. It usually costs thousands of dollars to be coached by Dr. Tallent. Our special offer for members-only is a live 8-week coaching program personally delivered by Kristin. This group coaching program will begin the week of September 12th and costs only $497. 

Don’t be left out this POCT season. Get your pharmacy and staff ready with a complete program to ensure you maximize the opportunities in point-of-care testing. Join Pharmacy Badass University to access Dr. Tallent’s course, and you can join the special group coaching program optionally. 

5. Adam Robinson – Opening a Functional Medicine Clinic

#belikeadam was a trending message through the summit. We invited fan favorite Dr. Adam Robinson back to share with attendees how he decided to add clinical revenues to his pharmacy. Adam went a different route by hiring a practitioner and opening a cash-only clinic inside his pharmacy. There is a lot to consider when opening a functional medicine clinic. Adam walked everyone through the step-by-step process he took for opening a clinical practice. He went through all his journey’s costs, pitfalls, surprises, and mistakes. For any questions you may have, consider reaching out directly to Adam here.

6. Ean Shelley – Implementing RPM and CCM Into Your Pharmacy

We get asked almost daily by pharmacy owners for tips and guidance for implementing remote patient monitoring (RPM) or chronic care management (CCM) in their pharmacy. Our go-to resource is Ean Shelley from ValueCare Suite. Ean makes RPM and CCM services easy to understand and implement. RPM is one of those unique Medicare services that you must use software to track patient interactions so the services can be billed. His company’s software is the best we have ever seen, and they go above and beyond and help pharmacies with everything from contracts to training to working with prescribers. Ean explained why you should set up your RPM and CCM services in a fee-for-service model, not a cost-sharing one. If you want to add tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your pharmacy, we recommend learning more from Ean and ValueCare Suite HERE.

7. Jesica Mills – Functional Medicine Opportunities for Independent Pharmacy Owners

Another fan favorite was back to discuss the many opportunities for cash-based services inside independent pharmacies. Dr. Jesica Mills is a pharmacist and naturopath and runs a pharmacy and a clinic. It is essential to point out that Dr. Mills is uber successful in a cash-only practice in western Kentucky. Proving the point you don’t have to be in an affluent area to make it work. Patients will pay for your services when you solve their problems. Jesica went through example after example to give the attendees the critical information they needed to get started in their pharmacies. To learn more about Dr. Jesica Mills, check her out here.

Wrap Up

We still can’t believe the fantastic variety of speakers in our Bonus Day Event. These innovative leaders have figured out how to bring clinical revenues into pharmacies and shared all their knowledge with attendees. If you missed out on this great event, you could watch each session on-demand as a member of Pharmacy Badass University. One of the perks of membership is access to all Pharmacy Profit Summit recordings. Click HERE to learn more about our low-cost membership. 

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