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How To Support Your Employees In Tough Times

Sep 14 2021

How To Support Employees During Tough Times

Employees everywhere are struggling with unprecedented stress during these tough times. Right now, times are tough. Dealing with social issues, the pandemic, and family trials are causing staff to be more stressed than ever before. There is no more important role as a leader than to support your employees’ well-being. Excelling here is good for […]
How To Hire Employees Tough Market

Sep 7 2021

How To Attract & Hire Employees In A Tough Job Market

...and not the highest) to have the best total package when combined with your other benefits. 2. Bonuses Bonuses can be buckets of money or hourly rate bonuses. Get inspired...
7 lessons from a serial entrepreneur

Aug 3 2021

7 Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk. Although, it is a bit addicting! Here are 7 Lessons I’ve learned by being a serial entrepreneur. I originally shared these thoughts during Kimber Boothe’s Pharmfluencer summit with pharmacists who are considering becoming entrepreneurs. These lessons are suitable for solopreneurs as well as seasoned pharmacy owners alike. The Beginning […]
4 Simple steps for pharmacy employee training

Jul 30 2021

The Simple 4 Step Pharmacy Employee Training Process

Implement a Pharmacy Employee Training Process to Help You Become More Profitable Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted entire months hiring and then training a new employee that didn’t work out? There are many reasons why new employees might not work out, but don’t let one of those reasons be because of the lack […]
Pharmacy Profit Work On Your Pharmacy

Jun 28 2021

Pharmacy Profits: Work On Your Pharmacy

It is time to roll your sleeves up and get back to work on growing your pharmacy profit. Burnout is real. No one is immune, not you, not me, not the owner down the street. With outbreaks dwindling and vaccine demand all but dead, it is time to refocus on your pharmacy’s growth. There is […]
Time Management For Pharmacy Owners

Jun 16 2021

Time Management Tips For Pharmacy Owners

Take back control of your day with these time management tips. If you don’t know the name Carla Erskin, you should. Carla is the CEO and founder of Bossingly and helps busy business owners (aka you) reclaim their time and increase their profits. Her methods are so transforming that every pharmacy owner needs to learn […]
Slow To Hire Quick To Fire

Jun 3 2021

Pharmacy Owner Tip: Slow To Hire Quick To Fire

Your job as the pharmacy owner is to build a team of high-performing employees. I didn’t have a mentor in my life until my mid-twenties, and my pharmacy was already a year old. Not having any mentors growing up, I never realized how valuable they are. I learned more from off-the-cuff thoughts from my mentor […]
Grow With Pharmacy Intern Grads

May 28 2021

Grow Your Pharmacy With Pharmacy Intern Graduates

Another class of pharmacy intern graduates has arrived. Here are a few popular ways you can leverage a pharmacy intern in your pharmacy. The job market for pharmacists is soft, like butter outside in the summer soft. Chain pharmacy salaries are plummeting, hospitals aren’t hiring, and new graduates need a job. Independent pharmacy owners are […]
Dream Killers of Pharmacy Growth

May 14 2021

5 Dream Killers Of Pharmacy Growth

Overcome these common dream killers to achieve the pharmacy growth of your dreams. We all have dreams and desires, and yet, so few of us achieve them. Why? Often we get in our way. It is our thinking that stops us. Your potential for success and pharmacy growth is so much more than we realize […]
Employee Management Made Simple

Apr 13 2021

Employee Management Made Easy

If you have been wondering how to effectively manage employees, I have an easy-to-use tool for you. Employees. You can’t have a successful pharmacy without them, and sometimes it seems you can’t have one with them either! Employee management isn’t a natural ability that most pharmacists have, even though pharmacists are often put in that […]

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