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The Magic of the Time Bucketing for Pharmacy Owners

Apr 13 2023

Time Bucketing is Magic for Independent Pharmacy Owners

Increase your productivity by implementing time bucketing into your life and decrease the overwhelm you experience as a pharmacy owner.  Are you caught in the tornado of daily operations? Do you feel like a full-time ‘Pharmacy Firefighter’? How about like the cat chasing the laser pointer? From the clutter of the stuff and to-dos that […]

Mar 24 2023

5 Proven Strategies for Growing Your Compounding Pharmacy

The interest in compounding has definitely increased recently. Use these 5 proven strategies to grow your compounding prescriptions and profits. I love compounding. It was my first passion in pharmacy. For me, every potential compounding patient is a problem that needs solving. Big pharma medicine can help most people but can’t help everyone or every […]

Mar 16 2023

Badass Staff Meetings: Here is the Formula

Let’s talk about all things staff meetings We don’t have a choice. Running staff meetings is a necessity we can not ignore if we want to create a badass pharmacy team. Staff meetings are an opportunity to gain more team engagement, discuss new and upcoming initiatives, collaborate on ideas, learn what’s working and what’s not, […]

Jan 11 2023

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts For Independent Pharmacy Team Development

Check out our Top 2022 articles on Team Development for Independent Pharmacies. Last week we shared our Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog posts for Independent Pharmacy Marketing, which covers our 4th Pharmacy Profit Pillar Marketing. This week we will dive into the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on Team Development, our fifth Pharmacy Profit […]
The Fifth Pharmacy Profit Pillar

Jun 16 2022

Team Development: The Fifth Pillar to Pharmacy Profitability

Your team of employees has a huge impact on your profitability. When it comes to pharmacy profitability, you have to consider how your employees can contribute to or lessen your profitability. I have learned over the years, that you can’t do this alone and your team will make you or break you. For these reasons, […]
pharmacy payroll pharmacy profit

Apr 20 2022

How to Quickly Lower Your Pharmacy Payroll Without Firing Anyone

Your pharmacy payroll has the power to make you or break you. We consider it one of the 3 critical KPIs (key performance indicators).  How Do You Know If Your Pharmacy Payroll is High, Low, or Just Right? To determine your payroll grade, you need to calculate your payroll ratio. Your payroll ratio is a […]
pharmacy team

Apr 14 2022

How A Diverse Pharmacy Team Increases Patient Satisfaction and Pharmacy Profits

When your pharmacy team can better serve your community of patients, they will like you more and your bottom line will benefit.  Pharmacies have always been an essential part of the healthcare system. While our role has been focused on dispensing prescriptions, pharmacies have also taken on a new part: giving health and wellness services […]
Pharmacy Leadership Profit

Apr 5 2022

4 Signs Your Pharmacy Leadership Skills Need A Boost

Here are 4 signs you may need a booster for your leadership skills—guest post by Heather Haro. I have a big crazy family!  The current chaos count is 7, almost grown children and 12 grandchildren. Yep! 11 grandboys and 1 brand new little baby grandgirl!  My Household Is My Business I have run my household […]
Pharmacy Employee Bonus Program

Mar 24 2022

Ideas For Pharmacy Employee Bonus Program

One of the most common topics coming up on our social media pages and inbox is employee bonus programs. Employee Bonus and Benefit Levers Retaining critical key employees is a secret weapon of uber-successful pharmacy owners. One of the best ways to keep your employees happy and therefore your patients happy is to adjust the […]
pharmacy biggest competition

Feb 10 2022

Your Pharmacy’s Biggest Competition

Have you ever wondered who your pharmacy’s biggest competition is? The answer is not the big box across the street or the popular online pharmacy. Instead, it is much closer to home. Just take a look in the mirror. Internal barriers are much more potent than anything external. As the pharmacy leader, you need to […]

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