5 OTCs You Should Be Selling

5 OTCs you should be selling
5 OTCs you should be selling

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Increase your revenue by selling more OTCs to each patient.

Get more from each patient by making OTC recommendations with every Rx. A simple $10 OTC sale added to every transaction can generate over $100,000 in annual non-PBM revenue. If you can boost that even higher, the numbers look even better.

I want to highlight 5 OTC products that you should be promoting and selling to your patients. I am a betting woman, don’t let me near a roulette table, and I bet you are not currently selling these products.

Approved Medical Solutions

Approved Medical Solutions has one of my favorite products for pharmacies to carry and sell to their patients. Their supplement helps boost natural levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps dilate the blood vessels and is essential for normal function, helps maintain blood pressure, increases circulation, and is especially good for diabetics, erectile dysfunction, and cardiac patients. Beyond their highly effective supplement, what makes me love them is that they have an easy-to-use, quick saliva test that you can perform in the pharmacy to help identify patients that are low in nitric oxide.

Patients’ nitric oxide levels naturally start to decline in their 40s. However, younger patients can be low too. Rather than recommend a supplement that someone may not need, you can do a simple saliva test right in the pharmacy. The test takes less than 60 seconds and will help the patient to understand where their levels currently are. I recommend targeting patients on ED meds, diabetics, and high blood pressure patients. In my pharmacy, we give all ED patients a free 7-day trial. This supplement helps their ED medications work better (they notice!) and virtually guarantees they will purchase a larger supply. Click HERE to check them.

Greg The Chemical Guy

We were all scrounging for sanitizer and potent cleaning agents when the pandemic hit. Greg The Chemical Guy, aka Greg Watkins, came to the rescue. He has been in the chemical business for years and seemingly training just for 2020. I learned about him through my kids’ preschool. They had implemented some exceptional cleaning protocols, and I was duly impressed when I researched the products they were using. They were Greg’s products.

Greg has a wide variety of products for all situations and surfaces. He has a long-lasting sanitizer that can stay on the skin through several handwashings and a cleaner that will kill microorganisms for several hours with just one application. My favorite product, though, is his disinfectant bombs. It’s impossible to clean every nook and cranny. You can set off one of these bombs that release sanitizing fog to ensure every square inch of your pharmacy is sanitized. You can also sell these products to customers or other local businesses.

His website is HERE, and his phone is 214-906-5476. Tell him Dr. Lisa sent you. Don’t feel like you have to wade through the products to choose which is best for you. Call him up, and he will point you in the right direction.

Ananda Professional CBD

There are so many CBD companies out there. Many are terrible, some are good, and a few are great. Ananda Professional is one of the great ones. Ananda Professional approaches CBD supplements precisely how a pharma company approaches prescription medications. They strongly believe in clinical studies and currently fund many studies; they have the only FDA-sanctioned studies for CBD.

I find that most pharmacies do best with 2 or 3 brands in their pharmacies. Having a small variety will allow you to carry some unique products from each line to care for all your patients’ needs. In my pharmacy, we carry a local small company’s honey and CBD blend for cough that sells well along with Ananda Professional’s products. Ananda Professional is a full-line company – they have almost every iteration of a CBD product.

My Favorites And Bestsellers

My favorites from Ananda Professional are their women’s pelvic disorder and sleep products. No one else has vaginally applied CBD, and Ananda Professional is currently enrolling in a clinical study for these products. You can get registered with your OB/GYNs and patients for FREE while providing a truly unique solution for them.

Ananda Professional’s sleep formula is a blend with a higher concentration of CBN, which helps relax patients and improves sleep. They offer a 100% guarantee on it working the first night for your patients. You can offer this money-back guarantee to your patients. It works the first night, or it’s free. I recently did a trial on my husband, who has a terrible time falling asleep. He has been taking 150mg of diphenhydramine for years to be able to go to sleep. He tried their new sleep formula, which worked the first night! He has been taking it for weeks and loves it with no more morning hangovers from Benadryl.

I also love their chews. I don’t call them gummies because they are not gummies (which I personally HATE!). Their chews are delicious and don’t stick your teeth. DiversifyRx has a dedicated Ananda Professional rep, Blake. You can email him directly to get all available specials for DiversifyRx followers.

Vinco Liposomal Line

Vinco has been a supporter of independent pharmacy for decades. They have so many unique pharmacy solutions that it is hard to have a favorite. If forced to choose, I would pick their liposomal supplement line. It is very unique, and it helps the supplements work better with fewer adverse effects. Patients are willing to pay for higher quality products that will get their attention. You can learn more about their supplements in our YouTube video with Vinco or check out their website.

Darby Farms

Darby Farms is perfect for you if you want to support another family-owned business with superior products and fabulous customer services. Darby Farms started by creating Elderberry products. Elderberry is a proven supplement that can help boost your immune system. They share many of the scientific studies on it directly on their website. Darby Farms is dedicated to quality products. Their product line continues to grow further into wellness and even food. You will not be disappointed when choosing to do business with them. Check out their website HERE.

Seriously, Just Start Asking Your Patients!

Boosting your OTC sales is one area of your pharmacy business that you can completely control Ensure your employees ask every patient at every transaction if they need anything else. Have some products right by the cash registers to ensure an easy and quick decision to add something to their purchase.

Hopefully, you have found some great ideas for your pharmacy and your community. A great way to promote these products is with bag stuffers to your patients. Make sure you train your team and get their buy-in. You can even hold a competition with your staff to kick off a campaign. Happy OTC selling!

If you need more ideas, please follow our free Facebook group HERE. For step-by-step support, you may consider joining Pharmacy Badass University. We have on-demand online courses that you and your team can go through to begin increasing your profits.

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