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Nov 4 2021

PBM Billing Compliance Essentials

When 90% or more of your revenues flow through a PBM, you need to be sure you have 100% PBM billing compliance. Ensuring your PBM billing is compliant and following all the rules has become increasingly critical as audits continue to rise every year. PBMs frequently change their rules or change the interpretation of their […]

Oct 29 2021

NCPA 2021 Exhibitor Recap

You shouldn’t do it alone, so why try? Learn about some of the great companies at NCPA 2021 and how they can help you reach your pharmacy goals. The NCPA 2021 convention was in Charlotte, NC, and it packed a punch of awesomeness. First of all, it was wonderful it was to see so many […]
How To Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Aug 27 2021

Monetize Your Pharmacy Data

Everyone else is monetizing your pharmacy’s data; shouldn’t you be too? The pharmacy data that independent pharmacies create daily is worth millions. Yet, pharmacy owners never see any of that money. Everyone else that collects and uses your pharmacy’s generated data sells it. What’s crazy is you even pay to send these companies your data, […]
Pharmacy Immunizations Best Practices

Aug 26 2021

Pharmacy Immunizations Best Practices

All hands on deck!! The pharmacy immunization tsunami of flu and COVID 3rd shots is almost upon us. Is your pharmacy ready?  Are you finally thinking of adding vaccination services to your repertoire? Adding vaccine administration to your list of pharmacy services is a great way to serve and protect your community while increasing your […]
6 Secrets To Increase Pharmacy Profits From PBMs

Aug 20 2021

6 Secrets To Increase Pharmacy Profits From PBMs

If you want to increase pharmacy profits, then you must optimize your PBM-based revenue.  Most independent pharmacies’ revenue comes through a PBM. In fact, it is normal for over 95% of a pharmacy’s sales to come from a PBM. This reliance on PBMs leads to almost all of a pharmacy owner’s headaches. Audits, clawbacks, DIR […]
The Magic of Compounding Bookmarks

Feb 3 2021

The Magic Of Compounding Bookmarks

There’s no real pixie dust here, only a simple and highly effective tool for innovative compounding pharmacies. The Beginning Over 16 years ago, I was in the throes of opening my first pharmacy from scratch. I became interested in compounding after a PCCA training class while in pharmacy school. Before I opened my doors, I […]
You can win against Amazon Pharmacy

Dec 16 2020

How To Compete Against Amazon Pharmacy and Win Part 4

Stop competing against Amazon Pharmacy (and other big-box pharmacies) because you are not in the same business they are in. Sure, you both sell prescription drugs, but that doesn’t mean you are in the same business. That would mean a drive-thru food joint and a steakhouse are in the same business because they sell food. […]
Amazon Pharmacy Independent Pharmacy Part 1

Nov 19 2020

How To Compete Against Amazon Pharmacy and Win Part 1

Independent pharmacies can and should win against Amazon Pharmacy. On November 17, 2020, it happened. Amazon officially became a pharmacy with Amazon Pharmacy. How can you compete against behemoth Amazon? Independent pharmacies are the best sector to be able to do this. This 4-part series will give a new perspective and strategies you can implement […]
Direct Contracting DiversifyRx

Nov 17 2020

To Be Direct Or Not To Be Direct

Have you considered having a pharmacy direct contract with PBMs? Getting a pharmacy direct contract is a hot topic because pharmacies are continuously getting squeezed with no end in sight. Should you change your PSAO affiliation? Would your pharmacy be better off with a direct contract? Only you can answer these questions. To help you decide, […]
Pharmacy audits

Oct 26 2020

Holy Moly! Audits Galore – What You Need To Know

PBMs are making up for lost pharmacy audit time, and it’s you and me that are paying for it. During the height of the pandemic, PBMs were forced to stop sending pharmacy audits. This pause was welcomed relief as many pharmacies were trying to figure out how to operate amid a global pandemic. Instead of […]

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