Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts For Independent Pharmacy Team Development

Team Development
Team Development

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Check out our Top 2022 articles on Team Development for Independent Pharmacies.

Last week we shared our Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog posts for Independent Pharmacy Marketing, which covers our 4th Pharmacy Profit Pillar Marketing. This week we will dive into the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on Team Development, our fifth Pharmacy Profit Pillar.

Here’s an overview of the 6 Pharmacy Profit Pillars:
  • Non-PBM Revenue
  • PBM Optimization
  • Cash-Based Revenue
  • Marketing
  • Team Development
  • KPI Optimization

When you have a high-performing team, it will show in every area of your pharmacy.

You must consider how your employees can contribute to or lessen your pharmacy’s profitability. Your team of employees has a significant impact on your profitability. This makes Team Development one of your most critical responsibilities because, as the pharmacy owner, it’s your job to build a team of high-performing employees. Let’s dive into our top pharmacy blogs in 2022 to ensure your team is helping boost your pharmacy profits.

Many pharmacy owners’ biggest current complaint isn’t about pharmacy profit (at least directly); it is about their team. Independent pharmacies are having the same struggles that other businesses are when it comes to their workforce. They are having trouble finding the right people, training their employees, and retaining high performers. If you are experiencing any similar troubles, then our top blogs below will undoubtedly help.

Our Top Independent Pharmacy Team Development Blogs of 2022

Team Development: The Fifth Pharmacy Profit Pillar – A great introduction to our fifth Profit Pillar.

Slow To Hire Quick To Fire – A gem from the off-the-cuff thoughts of my mid-twenties mentor.

4 Signs Your Pharmacy Leadership Skills Need A Boost – A guest post by Heather Haro that highlights the importance of improving your Pharmacy Leadership Skills and how it will help your profits soar.

How To Support Employees During Tough Times – Quick wins on how to support your employee’s mental and physical health is good for them, you , and your pharmacy. Showing them you care will attract the right staff and create a positive work culture.

Ideas For Pharmacy Employee Bonus Program – Want to retain key employees? Giving them a way to earn their way up continuously will increase their performance and give your pharmacy a more profitable bottom line.

As you focus on growing your pharmacy and making it more profitable, you will encounter hurdles or questions. The team at DiversifyRx can help you in all areas of your pharmacy. We aren’t just one trick ponies as many other “gurus” are. We are pharmacy owners and longtime industry experts that will give you the answers you need when you need them.

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