Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts for Independent Pharmacy Marketing

4 simple employee training steps
4 simple employee training steps

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Pharmacy marketing is one of our favorite topics at DiversifyRx. Here are our top blogs to help you improve your pharmacy’s marketing.

Last week we shared our Top 2022 Blog Resources To Optimize your PBM Revenue, which covers our third Pharmacy Profit Pillar PBM Optimization. This week we will dive into the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on independent pharmacy marketing, our fourth Pharmacy Profit Pillar.

Here’s an overview of the 6 Pharmacy Profit Pillars:
  • Non-PBM Revenue
  • PBM Optimization
  • Cash-Based Revenue
  • Marketing
  • Team Development
  • KPI Optimization
Efficient and effective pharmacy marketing is critical to your profitability.

Marketing your pharmacy is no longer optional if you want a thriving, profitable pharmacy. It is also a highly confusing topic for many pharmacy owners. Pharmacy school doesn’t teach you how to be a digital marketer or the best tips for creating live videos!

We are such believers in strong pharmacy marketing that our DiversifyRx team became certified instructors in the 1-Page Marketing Plan system. Our members have access to our many on-demand courses to help with all aspects of marketing, and we provide done-for-you marketing asset creation services too. And it’s our favorite topic to write about too.

Why Marketing Is So Critical For Your Independent Pharmacy

Patients have more choices for pharmacy care than ever before. Marketing is critical to keep your pharmacy name at the top of their mind. Effective pharmacy marketing can also make your pharmacy more profitable. Pharmacy profits are getting harder and harder to come by. Pharmacy owners need to be mindful and selective of the types of patients they want to serve and the products and services you offer to your community.

Marketing can help you increase your profits by promoting profitable services and attracting profitable patients.

As we review our top pharmacy marketing business articles from 2022, here’s a tip to remember. Just start!!! You won’t be perfect at marketing. Your first post might not get any likes, or your first live video might be really awkward. That’s ok and is entirely normal. You will get better the more marketing you do.

Our Top Independent Pharmacy Marketing Blogs of 2022

Pharmacy Marketing: The Fourth Pillar Of Pharmacy Profitability

Pharmacy Marketing Trends in 2022

Authentic Content Is King For Pharmacy Marketing

Bag Stuffers For Pharmacy Owners: What You Need To Know

Getting Started With Doctor Detailing

As you focus on growing your pharmacy and making it more profitable, you will encounter hurdles or questions. The team at DiversifyRx can help you in all areas of your pharmacy. We aren’t just one trick ponies as many other “gurus” are. We are pharmacy owners and longtime industry experts that will give you the answers you need when you need them.

Don’t worry… WE GOT YOU! Reach out at any time to or contact us via our social media channels.

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