Point of Care Testing: Increasing Your Pharmacy Profit


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Adding or growing a point-of-care testing revenue stream is a fantastic way to increase your pharmacy profit. 

Here in the world of DiversifyRx, we have been knee-deep in point-of-care testing since we launched our new POCT on-demand course and our unique eight-week coaching program with Dr. Kristin Tallent.

November is when peak testing season starts. We firmly believe that every independent pharmacy should offer testing services. We share some of our most popular resources and tools to get your point-of-care testing going in your pharmacy, even if you’re not a Pharmacy Badass University member.

After helping so many pharmacies grow their point-of-care testing revenues, we have a ton of information to share. We could probably write a book on it (hmmm… hold that thought for later!). No book today. We will narrow our focus to sharing information from a pharmacy owner, pharmacist, certified POCT #pharmacybadass, and owner of DB Diagnostics, Kavel. 

Quick Background on Kavel and DB Diagnostics

Kavel has been a pharmacist for over ten years. He started on the traditional retail chain pharmacy route, as many of us do. Kavel wanted to do more for his community, so he jumped into pharmacy ownership.

Before the pandemic, Kavel had dabbled in commodities and business-to-business transactions. Just as the pandemic began, he found himself perfectly positioned to provide tests at wholesale. He created DB Diagnostics in 2020. Since then, he has deployed over 5 million diagnostic tests across the US to laboratories, pharmacies, senior housing, and businesses. 

Kavel particularly loves working with other pharmacy owners. The team at DB Diagnostics can help you from A to Z with all your POCT needs, from tests to appointment software to training. 

How do I fill out the CLIA waiver form? 

This is the number one question we get at DiversifyRx and Kavel at DB Diagnostics. Our Pharmacy Badass University members get step-by-step help in our on-demand POCT course. Kavel walks his customers through the process as well.

To get the correct form, you can simply Google CMS for 116. This form is the laboratory application form. Yes, you are applying to be a laboratory. It is the same application for a CLIA-waived laboratory as for big ones. We suggest you Google your state rules, as some states have additional paperwork beyond the CMS form. 

The most common barrier when completing the application is what products I should put. Kavel’s answer is to put as many as you think you will offer, so you don’t have to update the form later.

You need to include the exact test and manufacturer. To make it easy, you can go to dbdiagnostics.com. All our cleared products have a package insert listed under the product, and all the information you need for the form is found there.

At DiversifyRx, we agree with Kavel’s recommendation. Put any test you might ever want to do. You are not obligated to offer them because they are on your application. 

Focus First

Now, while we say you want to put a ton of tests on your CLIA waiver application, you don’t want to launch a point-of-care testing service by offering everything in the beginning. That would be overwhelming for you, your staff, and your patients. 

We recommend you focus on just a few at first. This strategy will help you create sound systems and flow so your patients have an excellent experience. I recommend focusing on Strep, Flu, COVID, and RSV during the fall and winter. 

Solutions from DB Diagnostics

DB Diagnostics offers a wide range of tests for your pharmacy. One of the most popular is a 3-in-1 test which tests for COVID and Flu A and B from just one swab. As a pharmacy owner, Kavel knows how important it is to save on the costs of tests. That is why he offers competitive pricing on all his products and services. In addition to selling tests, Kavel has solutions for online appointments, websites, and test results communication to patients or government entities. 

Marketing Your Point of Care Testing

Kavel recommends optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your pharmacy because many people are looking for these services. You want to ensure your pharmacy shows up as a result when someone Googles ‘flu test near me. 

One way to get Google to show your pharmacy is to add each point-of-care test you offer as a service on your Google My Business Page. You could also do keyword advertising through Google Ads. Many companies can help you improve your SEO. It does take time, but it should be relatively inexpensive. Generally, a few hundred dollars a month is the most you need to spend. 

Business to Business Opportunities.

One of your largest potential POCT customers is other businesses. Pay attention to this group to ramp up pharmacy profit from point-of-care testing. Employers and schools are willing to pay to get fast results for their employees to know if they can return to work. They must see if it is a cold, COVID, or the flu.

How to Get More Information

You might have additional questions about launching a point-of-care profit stream in your pharmacy. Everything from how do I train employees to what other things I need? 

That information is exactly what we provide to our Pharmacy Badass University member pharmacies. We have a complete A to Z point of care testing course that’s on-demand that any of your employees can watch. Once you are a member, you can access all our systems.

You also have great resources like Kavel at DB Diagnostics to help you along the way.

We thank Kavel for his time and knowledge in helping with point-of-care testing. You can reach his team at orders@dbdiagnostics.com or check out his entire website. The DiversifyRx team is here to help as well. You can email us at info@diversifyrx.com. 

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