Direct Bill Work Comp Rxs & Eliminate The PBMs

Cut The PBM Out, Keep More Profit

Watch this 1-minute video to see how StreamCare eliminates the PBMs and turns worker's compensation prescriptions into profitable prescriptions.

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Don't Let The PBMs Keep Your Money

Earn thousands more in profits by direct billing your work comp Rxs and eliminating the PBM.

Are you looking for a profitable niche to grow your pharmacy's profits?

Worker's compensation may be a great fit for you. In the past several years, many pharmacies turned away from work comp patients due to the terrible reimbursements when adjudicating through the normal PBM channels.

Using Tmesys, ESI, MyMatrixx and other PBMs is not required for the majority of work comp claims (regardless of what you might be told). You can maximize your profits with zero impact on your patients and no increase in cost to the insurer.

StreamCare is a turn-key solution for retail pharmacies to easily direct bill work comp insurers. By direct billing, you are taking the PBM's greedy hand out of your pocket.

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How will StreamCare impact your pharmacy?

Increased Profits

Most PBM contracts pay pharmacies based on a MAC price or an equation such as AWP minus 84% or even minus 87%. Most worker's compensation reimbursement schedules pay full AWP plus a dispensing fee. This means that the PBMs are keeping the majority of the reimbursement. By eliminating the PBM and billing the carrier directly, you get to keep significantly more profits.

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Simple Workflow

While it's great to make more profit, profit cannot come at the expense of making your staff's lives harder. StreamCare makes billing for work comp Rxs very simple, just like billing any other insurance. Your technicians and data entry employees will easily be able to switch all of your comp patients from traditional PBM billing to direct billing in just a few minutes each.

Full Support

StreamCare is dedicated to exceeding all of your expectations. They thoroughly train your staff at the initial setup with easy reference guides to help retention. If at any time your staff needs a refresher or you add staff, you can request additional training at no cost. You also have access to all your claims online and can easily see what's been paid, collected, or is still outstanding.

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StreamCare Has A Significant Impact On Your Reimbursements

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Elizabeth, RPh

“Trusting StreamCare with our Work Comp billing has been the most impactful decision our pharmacy has made to date. The staff at StreamCare consistently delivers ethical, efficient, and knowledgeable service.”

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Diversify Your Revenue By Growing A Profitable Work Comp Niche

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