Axe Rx

How Axe Rx Is Different

GoodRx sells your patients' data...


PBM discount cards have enormous fees...


Other discount cards put pharmacies in the red...

Axe Rx is different.

Axe Rx is independent pharmacies solution to predatory discount cards. With their intelligent pricing that ensures you a fair profit, to white labeling cards for your pharmacy, Axe Rx has a unique profit opportunity for pharmacy owners. 


With their privacy-protecting program, your pharmacy can optimize cash-based prescriptions and offer competitive discounts to patients. You even get to make money when your card is used at another pharmacy. 


Learn about all the profit generating oppotunities for phamacies

A Smarter Discount Card

Tell Patients They Can Save Money

In 2018, two bipartisan bills the Patient Right to Know Act and the Know the Lowest Price Act were signed into law banning so-called gag clauses at the pharmacy counter. The bills allow pharmacists to tell patients that they could save money on drugs by paying cash or trying a lower-cost alternative like our platform to help their patients better afford their medications without breach of contract.

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Stay In The Black

In addition to ingredient cost reimbursement and dispensing fees, the pharmacy receives compensation per claim, no matter where the prescription is filled.

Learn about all the profit generating oppotunities for phamacies

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