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Animal Meds
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A complete line of Animal Prescriptions, OTC products and Nutritional Supplements

Over half of your patients have a pet at home. Many of them will have multiple pets.


Pets need medications and supplements too!


A  great way to add on revenue and profit is to add sales to your current customers. Each pet owner is buying their animals' medicine somewhere, it should be your pharmacy!

Start Selling More Animal Products To Your Customers

How will offering animal medications impact your pharmacy?

Increased Revenue

You can now offer all the popular animal medications along with unique supplements that your animal owners will love. 


Animal medications are cash-based revenue!


No PBMs!!!

Pharmacist with Client
Man holding pill bottle

Simple Startup

Create your account at Animal Med Express' website.


Free shipping is available with low order minimums. 


Help your patients save money over buying from their vet.


If you are new to the vet medication world, Animal Med Express is there to help you understand the landscape better. 


Learn which medications are the most popular and how to talk about their unique supplements. 


Your animal owners will appreciate your newly found insight for their pets. 

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Start Selling More Animal Products To Your Customers

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