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Top 5 pharmacy marketing trends 2022

Pharmacy Marketing Trends In 2022

Mirror, mirror on the wall, in 2022, which pharmacy marketing strategies will be the fairest of them all? I don’t know about you, but I have big plans for 2022. If you want to end this year loving your progress, pharmacy marketing will be critical to your success. I was recently asked what I thought …

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Pharmacy Profit Pillars

6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profit – Top 2021

Having a thriving, successful pharmacy means you need to take an active approach to your pharmacy profit. Being average will not keep you in business – that’s what I always say. You need to be awesome! To succeed in the pharmacy world, you are continuously implementing new ways of doing things, and with the ever-changing …

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unlimited pharmacy marketing budget

How To Have An Unlimited Pharmacy Marketing Budget

Your pharmacy marketing should pay for itself!  If you’re bleeding money in your marketing department, it’s time to revisit and realign your strategy. Don’t let your pharmacy marketing be a drain on your cash flow. You can stop worrying about marketing budgets being expensive. Instead, turn leads into customers and make money continuously. It starts …

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pharmacy marketing

Pharmacy Marketing Lessons From Icons

There’s a lot to learn from the lives of John Madden and Betty White. Here are some marketing lessons you can glean from their lives to apply to your pharmacy marketing. We lost some great people recently. The two most impactful for me were John Madden and Betty White. As I read many articles about …

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lower cogs pharmacy

How To Lower COGS

If increasing pharmacy profit is a goal, you need a lower COGS.  What Is Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS)? The cost of goods sold (COGS) is the cost of an item or service that you sell. For pharmacies, it is critical to point out the COGS is NOT COGB (cost of goods bought). Because pharmacies …

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Creating a Pharmacy Vision

Creating A Pharmacy Vision

What will your pharmacy look like in 5 years? You create your future by setting a pharmacy vision and planning your pharmacy goals. Bring your pharmacy vision, dreams, and goals to life! Setting a pharmacy vision and goals for your business is essential to creating profit and success. Knowing where you want to go provides …

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What Is Pharmacy Profit

What Is Profit

Profit is the key to staying in business. Understanding the types of pharmacy profit and what it isn’t will be critical to your pharmacy’s success.  What Profit Isn’t Profit is not cash in your bank account, at least for most pharmacy owners. Remember this equation Profit ≠ Cash, and the reverse is true Cash ≠ …

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point of care testing pharmacy poct

Pharmacy Point of Care Testing in 2022

Point of care testing (POCT) is a perfect additional revenue stream for all retail pharmacies. Let’s take a look at POCT for 2022.  Boosting Cash-Based Revenues POCT for pharmacies took a giant leap forward during the pandemic. With HHS’ massive scope expansion for pharmacists to help with COVID leading the way, many pharmacies are now …

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New Year's Weight Loss

New Year’s Weight Loss Pharmacy Growth Strategies

Don’t leave money on the table by ignoring your patients’ resolutions for New Year’s weight loss. We are 35 days away from January 1st. I will wait while you pick your jaw up and catch your breath. Yep, it is coming fast. The wintertime has seemingly gone by quickly with testing, vaccines, Medicare plan optimization, …

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Pharmacy Cybersecurity In A Hack-Filled World

Having strong pharmacy cybersecurity is critical for every pharmacy owner.  Cyberattacks and ransomware are on the rise, and you can’t afford to lose this battle. If you haven’t audited your IT security protocols lately, do it today! Cyber insurance coverage is essential these days, primarily because of the confidential patient data housed within your database.  …

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