Enhancing Communication With Employees: The Power of The DISC Assessment

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The power of the DISC assessment is the secret sauce you need to become unstoppable!

Enhancing Communication with Employees: The Power of The DISC Assessment is a guest blog by Lisa Baker, DiversifyRx senior growth strategist and John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Consultant. 

We hear time and time again that a significant pain in pharmacy ownership is finding your A team and retaining them.

It can be frustrating when no matter what you do, your employees don’t seem to be interested or engaged in their work. You might be struggling because your current manager isn’t the right fit for the team. Or you tried implementing a bonus program, only to have it fall flat.

Before you lose hope, we want to share a tool to help you navigate these challenges. The DISC personality assessment can help you identify your team member’s unique strengths and weaknesses, communication styles, and behavioral preferences.

The DISC assessment is a widespread behavioral profiling tool that categorizes individuals into four primary styles

Each style represents unique behavioral tendencies, communication preferences, and decision-making approaches.

By identifying an employee’s DISC style, you can gain valuable insights into how they prefer to communicate. Understanding your team’s communication styles and preferences can drastically change your pharmacy’s operations by helping you build a high-trust culture that engages and drives your independent pharmacy team forward.

Let’s review the four personality styles.

  • Dominance (D)
  • Influence (I)
  • Steadiness (S)
  • and Conscientiousness (C) 

Dominant (D)

D individuals appreciate directness, brevity, and focus on results. Communicate confidently and assertively, emphasizing key outcomes and action-oriented approaches.

When working with a high-D personality, we often hear the catchy phrase, “Be brief, be bold, be gone.” While this may sound like a tough mantra, it’s important to understand that those with a high D personality prioritize efficiency and results over lengthy discussions or explanations. This personality style makes up only 3% of people.

Influential (I) 

I individuals thrive on interaction, enthusiasm, and relationship-building. Use a friendly and engaging communication style, allowing for collaboration, brainstorming, and recognition of their contributions.

I’s make the world a fun place.

They like to build relationships and tend to be very emotional and expressive. They treasure great experiences with others. They are also great storytellers and encouragers. The greatest fear for this personality style is rejection or loss of approval. I’s make up about 11% of the population.

Steady (S) 

S personalities value stability, harmony, and collaboration. Maintain a calm and supportive tone, emphasizing teamwork, long-term impact, and personal connection with them.

These individuals don’t necessarily seek attention or accolades, but their loyalty and unwavering support are invaluable. They’re steady and stable, always there when you need them.

Despite their importance, these people are often introverted and reserved, content to quietly do their work and support everyone else. Next time you’re in the pharmacy, take a moment to appreciate the loyalty and dedication of this unique type of person. S personalities make up 69% of the population.

Conscientious (C) 

C individuals prioritize accuracy, data, and thoroughness. Adopt a detail-oriented and logical communication style, providing clear expectations, facts, and opportunities for research and analysis.

These personality types seek an environment that honors logic and facts. They’re analytical, compliant, conscientious, accurate, detail-oriented, and treasure perfection.

A compounding tech wired this way would be a great asset to your independent pharmacy because, as you know, they’re working on formulas that require accuracy, which is a strength for them. C’s make up about 17% of the population.

Clear and effective communication goes beyond understanding and requires adapting to the various DISC styles present within your team.

Here are a few additional tips to help you.

  • Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues during conversations. Ask clarifying questions, and acknowledge others’ perspectives.
  • Embrace the diversity of communication styles within your team. Recognize that each style brings unique strengths and contributions.
  • The DISC assessment can also aid in conflict resolution by providing insights into communication tendencies during difficult situations. For example, Direct (D) individuals may prefer a straightforward, assertive approach to resolving conflicts. Meanwhile, Influential (I) individuals appreciate open dialogue and maintaining positive relationships. 

As an independent pharmacy owner, you understand the need to grow as a leader.

The Disc Assessment will give you the clarity you need to understand what motivates your employees so that you can personalize custom-tailored incentive programs. This powerful tool also helps you gain insights into your potential candidates during the hiring process so you can identify and hire your ideal candidate and avoid wasting thousands of dollars on turnover.

Understanding your DISC profile is crucial, as it offers valuable insights into your behavioral tendencies, communication style, and decision-making preferences. 

It provides a look into how you naturally interact with others so you can become more self-aware and conscious of how different individuals perceive your communication. 

Using the DISC assessment in your pharmacy can enhance your pharmacy’s communication and make it a superpower.

For more ideas on developing your team members, read 7 Secrets To Transform Your Independent Pharmacy Into a Powerhouse 

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