KPI Optimization

In a world without PBMs

Jul 20 2022

In A World Without PBMs

Does a world without PBMs seem blissful?  Close your eyes and just imagine what pharmacy would be like without PBMs.  Are you joyous about the lack of audits, headaches, clawbacks, and DIR fees?  Can you imagine your pharmacy profit soaring without PBMs? This fantasy seems pretty awesome, right? I am sorry to be the bearer […]
KPI Optimization

Jun 23 2022

KPI Optimization: The Sixth Pillar to Pharmacy Profitability

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. A KPI is a data point or number you can track in your pharmacy. I am a data nerd, so I have written on several KPIs; feel free to browse through all KPI-related blogs HERE. While there are 100s you could track in your pharmacy, what you want is […]
The Third Pharmacy Profit Pillar

May 31 2022

PBM Optimization: The Third Pharmacy Profit Pillar

Our third pharmacy profit pillar, PBM Optimization, will significantly impact your bottom line in the shortest amount of time for most independent retail pharmacies. While most pharmacy owners hate PBMs, they are a part of our everyday business and the key to success. You can’t ignore them when about 90% of a pharmacy’s revenue is […]
The Second Pharmacy Profit Pillar

May 25 2022

Non-PBM Revenue: The Second Pillar to Pharmacy Profitability, I recommend Mobile Mediclaim. They are a one-stop shop and provide everything from A to Z.  Kandy Morris, of Creds 4 U, is a fantastic resource to get credentialed...
6 pharmacy profit pillars

May 5 2022

How To Maximize Pharmacy Profit With These 6 Pillars

The key to growing your pharmacy profit is implementing tactics within each of the 6 Pillars of Pharmacy Profitability.  Over the years, I have talked to thousands of pharmacies about profitability. A particular pattern started to emerge when I would sit down and break open their entire business strategy. There are six areas I notice […]
pharmacy marketing

Apr 28 2022

Authentic Content Is King For Pharmacy Marketing

Authentic content will do wonders for your pharmacy marketing—guest post by Heather Haro.  Content Content Content! I recently attempted to complete the 75 Hard program. If you are unfamiliar with this program, it is a mental toughness program designed by entrepreneur and best-selling author Andy Frisella.  The challenge is 75 consecutive days of: 2 – […]
pharmacy payroll pharmacy profit

Apr 20 2022

How to Quickly Lower Your Pharmacy Payroll Without Firing Anyone

Your pharmacy payroll has the power to make you or break you. We consider it one of the 3 critical KPIs (key performance indicators).  How Do You Know If Your Pharmacy Payroll is High, Low, or Just Right? To determine your payroll grade, you need to calculate your payroll ratio. Your payroll ratio is a […]
Pharmacy Profit Keep Patients Patient Retention

Apr 1 2022

7 Ways To Keep Patients Coming Back

Improve your patient retention and keep patients coming back with these tips.  Pharmacies have a unique opportunity to form relationships with their customers and patients that can last for years. However, many pharmacies lose these valuable customers by not employing the right retention strategies. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best […]
how to fix pharmacy cash flow problems

Mar 16 2022

How To Quickly Fix Cash Flow Problems In Your Pharmacy

As a pharmacy owner, you know that cash flow can be a huge issue. In fact, it is the number one problem causing anxiety for pharmacy owners that I speak with. It seems like every other day there is another expense to pay, and it can be hard to keep track of it all. Let’s […]
Days of cash on hand

Feb 1 2022

Days Of Cash On Hand

Reduce the everyday stress of checking your bank account and increase your pharmacy’s days of cash on hand!   Talking about cash on hand isn’t very sexy, and many pharmacy owners prefer to skip over this critical topic. It is much more exciting to talk about supplements, PGx testing, or getting more efficiency from your employees. […]

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