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Jan 26 2023

Critical Balance of Profit and Cash Flow for Pharmacy Owners

Your pharmacy needs a balance of both cash flow and profits to thrive. Winter Is Coming This is even more critical now with the upcoming changes to DIR fees in 2024. These changes will strangulate cash flow for pharmacies for the first several months of 2024. I have been calling this the 2024 DIR Fee […]

Jan 11 2023

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts for Independent Pharmacy KPI Optimization

Last week we shared our Top 2022 Blog Resources For Team Development. This week we will cover the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on KPI (key performance indicator) Optimization, our sixth (and final!) Pharmacy Profit Pillar. Here’s an overview of the 6 Pharmacy Profit Pillars: Use your KPI data to make smarter, better […]

Jan 4 2023

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts for Independent Pharmacy Marketing

Pharmacy marketing is one of our favorite topics at DiversifyRx. Here are our top blogs to help you improve your pharmacy’s marketing. Last week we shared our Top 2022 Blog Resources To Optimize your PBM Revenue, which covers our third Pharmacy Profit Pillar PBM Optimization. This week we will dive into the most popular blogs […]

Dec 29 2022

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts For PBM Optimization

Explore our Top 2022 recommendations for Optimizing Your PBM Revenue and Stabilizing Your Pharmacy Profits. Last week we shared our Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Post for Non-PBM Revenue, which covers our second Pharmacy Profit Pillar Non-PBM Revenue. This week we will recap the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on PBM Optimization, our third […]

Oct 27 2022

Options For Financing Pharmacy Working Capital

Many pharmacy owners will need a source of working capital at some point in their ownership journey.  Pharmacy Cash Flow Is Tight Recently we put up a poll on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, asking pharmacy owners if they were interested in learning about financing working capital. The overwhelming response was YES, as many pharmacy […]
at home covid tests

Oct 20 2022

Monetizing At-Home COVID Tests

Learn how to dispense at-home COVID tests for covered patients with no copay. And if you are already using this strategy, learn some boosting tips.  You Need To Dispense At-Home COVID Tests I ran into many pharmacy owners at the NCPA conference who were unaware that you could dispense up to eight at-home COVID tests […]

Oct 5 2022

NCPA Annual Convention Exhibitor Recap 2022

Here are the 10 most exciting companies I saw at the 2022 NCPA annual convention.  NCPA held its 2022 annual convention in Kansas City. I know Ian kept some people home, as did some sickness. Fear not if you missed attending! I will recap the most exciting and profit-creating companies I saw on the exhibitor […]
pharmacy legal issues

Sep 23 2022

Pharmacy Legal Issues

When you have owned a pharmacy long enough, pharmacy legal issues are bound to happen to you.  Types of Pharmacy Legal Issues for Pharmacy Owners Legal troubles can fall from many angles for pharmacy owners. Here’s a short list: Employment lawsuits Board of Pharmacy actions PBM audits PBM contracts Pharmacist dispensing activities Patient prescription fraud […]
Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022 Recap Day 2

Aug 25 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 – Day 2

If you missed the Day 1 Pharmacy Profit Summit recap, you can catch it here. Day 2 was packed with even more speakers that gave critical information on how to grow your profits with various solutions. Let’s dive into day two and get the specific information you need. Dr. Lisa Faast Dr. Faast started by welcoming […]
pharmacy profit summit

Aug 19 2022

Pharmacy Profit Summit Speaker Highlights 2022 Day 1

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Pharmacy Profit Summit 2022! We are still amazed at the lineup of extraordinary speakers at the summit.  Our event did sell out. We know that not everyone who wanted to attend could; even some with tickets got the dreaded positive test and couldn’t make it. In […]

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