KPI Optimization

Oct 12 2023

The Importance of Financial Forecasting for Pharmacies

If you are like most pharmacy owners, I am betting you don’t do any financial forecasting for your pharmacy. Let’s dive into why you should. Luckily for most pharmacies, business is steady from month to month. There aren’t typically huge swings in revenue. This stability is a double-edged sword. On the good side is predictability […]
kpi pharmacy cash flow

Oct 5 2023

3 Critical KPIs for Pharmacies in 2024: Boosting Cash Flow

Can You Significantly Boost Your Pharmacy’s Cash Flow in Just 90 Days? As the new quarter begins, it’s time to reflect on your pharmacy’s performance in the previous quarter. Were your plans and ideas overshadowed by the daily grind of managing your independent pharmacy? Many pharmacy owners find themselves dissatisfied with their progress in the […]
Independent pharmacy Compliance

Aug 25 2023

Independent Pharmacy Compliance Controlled Drug Recordkeeping

Are you ready for your next BOP or DEA controlled drug inspection? Ensure you are with C2 Keep’s innovative controlled drug recordkeeping solution. Are you 100% sure you are performing all requirements to maintain compliance with the Controlled Substance Act (CSA)? We all agree that maintaining full compliance is a must, AND the details can fall through […]
What makes an independent pharmacy expert

May 3 2023

What Makes A Independent Pharmacy Expert?

There are "experts" everywhere nowadays. A new one for pharmacy owners pops up at least weekly. What really makes an expert? Guest post by Heather Haro.

Mar 27 2023

Cash Flow Secrets: 7 Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow

Improving your pharmacy's cash flow is more critical than ever before! From the 2024 DIR fee apocalypse to aggressive audits to dwindling profits.

Mar 3 2023

5 Things to Consider Before You Open a Pharmacy

What You Need to Know Before You Open a Pharmacy The pharmacy industry is a complex one. If you are looking to open a pharmacy, you need to be a master of both medicine and commerce. This is a guest post blog from our friends at PioneerRx. There isn’t a clear roadmap to go from […]

Feb 2 2023

2024 DIR Fee Changes

What is the DIR Fee Apocalypse? Everything You Need To Know. DIR Fees are the bane of any pharmacy owner. Make sure you are ready for the changes coming in 2024. If you’re a pharmacy owner, you know DIR fees and how they can negatively impact the cash flow of your pharmacy. What many pharmacy […]
pharmacy profit and cash flow

Jan 26 2023

Critical Balance of Profit and Cash Flow for Pharmacy Owners

Your pharmacy needs a balance of both cash flow and profits to thrive. Winter Is Coming This is even more critical now with the upcoming changes to DIR fees in 2024. These changes will strangulate cash flow for pharmacies for the first several months of 2024. I have been calling this the 2024 DIR Fee […]

Jan 11 2023

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts for Independent Pharmacy KPI Optimization

Last week we shared our Top 2022 Blog Resources For Team Development. This week we will cover the most popular blogs from 2022 that focus on KPI (key performance indicator) Optimization, our sixth (and final!) Pharmacy Profit Pillar. Here’s an overview of the 6 Pharmacy Profit Pillars: Use your KPI data to make smarter, better […]

Jan 4 2023

Top 2022 Pharmacy Blog Posts for Independent Pharmacy Marketing

Pharmacy marketing is one of our favorite topics at DiversifyRx. Here are our top blogs to help you improve your pharmacy’s marketing. Last week we shared our Top 2022 Blog Resources To Optimize your PBM Revenue, which covers our third Pharmacy Profit Pillar PBM Optimization. This week we will dive into the most popular blogs […]

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