Pharmacy Marketing Trends In 2022

Top 5 pharmacy marketing trends 2022
Top 5 pharmacy marketing trends 2022

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, in 2022, which pharmacy marketing strategies will be the fairest of them all?

I don’t know about you, but I have big plans for 2022. If you want to end this year loving your progress, pharmacy marketing will be critical to your success. I was recently asked what I thought the “winning” strategies would be in 2022. Instead of only one person benefitting from my answer, I wanted to share my pharmacy marketing predictions for 2022.

If you have the goal of accelerating your marketing and leveling up your pharmacy, these are my 5 Top Pharmacy Marketing Trends for 2022.

Pharmacy Marketing Trend #1: Email Marketing

I think email marketing is a wholly underused pharmacy marketing tool. I believe this is because most pharmacy owners don’t know how to use mass-email tools, think it’s expensive, or think email doesn’t work. Email is one of the most affordable marketing options you have.

Many companies use email as a lead generation to eventually turn into new sales. I think for pharmacy owners, the real magic, in my opinion, is marketing to your current patients and telling them about additional services and products you offer. These patients already know and trust you. Hint! They actually want to spend money with you. So, use email to tell them about your new shipment of OTC tests, an amazing new supplement you are now carrying, or even about the new delivery driver you hired. Email is a great way to strengthen the relationship you already have.

If you need help with your email marketing, reach out to DiversifyRx, and our team will do our best to help you.

Pharmacy Marketing Trend #2: Video

You know you need to be on social media. But posting pretty pictures and cool copy isn’t going to cut it. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram growing in popularity, you must utilize these networks by creating the medium of the platform—VIDEO.

Think of yourself as a media company. So get out from behind your computer and get in front of the camera. Even if you feel shy or embarrassed, just do it. Hit the record button and start talking. You might cringe at your first few videos, but I promise it gets easier. And it’ll be well worth it.

I believe that video is so critical to pharmacies’ success in 2022 and beyond, that I will be devoting an entire segment to it at my upcoming Pharmacy Profit Summit in August. We will have you recording like a #pharmtok pro in no time!

Pharmacy Marketing Trend #3: In-Person Experiences

Zoom fatigue is real. People want to get dressed up, go out, interact with companies, and learn from awesome people.

How can you make this possible as a pharmacy?

What kind of in-person experiences would your customers love?

Could you host a Wine, Women, and Wellness event? Or what about a compounding room open house to showcase your state-of-the-art equipment to prescribers? Maybe it is having a fun customer appreciation event in your parking lot. Think of something that will get you back in person. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand insight into why your customers love your pharmacy and what you could do better. PLUS, they’ll appreciate you for it.

Don’t forget about your prescriber customers. If it makes sense in your area, get back out and visit prescribers’ offices. Their staff would appreciate learning from you, and you can give them some tokens of appreciation. For tips on doctor detailing, check out our YouTube channel.

DiversifyRx is certainly doubling down on in-person experiences. We have the Drinks, Desserts, and Drugs event in February in Orlando and the Pharmacy Profit Summit in Dallas in August.

Pharmacy Marketing Trend #4: Personalized Marketing

If you want to build a tribe of raving fans, you need to deliver personalized experiences. You might think that filling prescriptions is personalized, and it is, and you need to go beyond that as every other pharmacy is filling personal prescriptions. For example, how can you use technology to replicate human-to-human experiences? You might add live chat to your website, or what about a video consultation service so patients can see you instead of just being on the phone.

One area that I have been on a soapbox about is supplements. You should be making personalized supplement recommendations. How can you make this personal? You could use my drug-induced nutrient depletion form, so the recommendations are based on the patient’s drug profile. Bring in testing to show patients what they need and know you are individualizing their care. Some of my favorites are the Pharmanex antioxidant scanner and the Approved Medical Solutions nitric oxide products.

Pharmacy Marketing Trend #5: Stellar Customer Service

As the great resignation continues to rattle every industry, the level of customer services has indeed fallen everywhere. Don’t let this happen to your pharmacy. I would recommend pre-emptively hiring additional staff and getting them trained. WOW your customers and patients with going above and beyond. This advice is typically good in any year, but in 2022, I think this will help you stand out in a crowded market. You have the opportunity to ethically steal a lot of patients in your community by just being awesome.

Every day you have a chance to take a step toward your dream pharmacy. Creating a pharmacy marketing plan is an excellent way to do that. With the proper marketing, you can affect which patients come to you, which prescribers recommend you, and ultimately how much profit you make.

If you need any help in improving your pharmacy’s profits, be sure to check out our website or send us an email at

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