Pharmacy Growth Strategy Thank You Card Program

Thank You card program
Thank You card program

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Are you ready for a low-cost, highly effective method for increasing your pharmacy growth?

I have a simple solution, a Thank You Card Program. A thank you card program can fuel pharmacy growth with very little time or money investment. This program is so effective because it creates more robust relationships between your pharmacy and your patients. A handwritten thank you card is a Purple Cow moment in the digital age. People receive very few personally written cards, so your pharmacy stands out.

Here are the steps to supercharging your pharmacy growth with a thank you card program.

  1. Order cards
  2. Set expectations with staff
  3. Keep a log
  4. Share wins
Pharmacy Growth Thank You Card Program Step 1

Before you send out cards, you need to have all the supplies readily available for your staff. You will need cards, envelopes, stamps, pens, and sample messages. I recommend creating a thank you card station somewhere in your pharmacy where all the items are accessible.


I recommend blank notecards with your pharmacy logo on the front. You can order them from a local printer or use Promosuns, the company I use. Let Jessica know you are from DiversifyRx for an extra discount! Blank logo cards are versatile as the message inside can be tailored to the specific situation. So buy in bulk for better pricing.


Don't forget the envelopes. I prefer to use bright-colored envelopes as they grab the receiver's attention better. I use these from Amazon, be sure to match the size of the card you ordered from the printer.


Make sure you use the lowest value stamp that the post office allows for your completed cards.


Be bold and go beyond just ballpoint pens. Use colorful felt pens or even stickers to make your message more personal.

Sample Messages

Many employees will get stuck when first starting with writer's block. Help them out by giving them some sample sayings. You can download some samples below.

Get Sample Thank You Messages Here

To get a copy of sample thank you card messages, please fill out the form at the bottom of the article.

Pharmacy Growth Thank You Card Program Step 2

Employees are people, and people don't like change. You will need to set clear expectations with your staff, so they successfully implement this program. I tell each employee that it is a requirement that they send a minimum of 1 card per shift they work. If they work five days a week, then that is five cards a week. They can do it one a day or all five in one day. No matter which method, all their cards have to be completed every week. This expectation is not a suggestion; rather, it is a requirement. Your pharmacy growth depends on consistency. Each employee can track their completion on their controlling calendar.

Pharmacy Growth Thank You Card Program Step 3

It is essential to keep a pharmacy-wide log of all the patients who have received thank you cards. When first implementing this program, I noticed that employees tended to have a finite list of patients and were quickly sending cards to repeat recipients. Chances are, you have many more patients that need love and attention. One of our rules is not to send a card to the same person or office within six months unless the second card is a special occasion card (i.e., birthday, condolence, anniversary). You can download a sample log below.

Get Your Thank You Card Log Here

To get a copy of the thank you card log, please fill out the form at the bottom of the article.

Pharmacy Growth Thank You Card Program Step 4

Lastly, celebrate wins. Wins may not come immediately, but they will come. You will get a handwritten note back thanking you for your thank you card. A patient will say thank you in person. Wins can come in many forms, and make sure the whole staff shares in the good feelings.

Pharmacy growth strategies don't have to be complicated or expensive. Implement this easy thank you card program and just watch the profound effect it has on your patient retention, word of mouth marketing, and your bottom line.

Thank You Card Messages

Thank You Card Sample Messages


Thank You Card Log

Thank You Card Log

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