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At-Home Allergy Testing and Treatment

Wyndly provides personalized, innovative, at-home allergy testing and treatment. No more needles or irritating skin tests! Life's better without allergies.

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On this webinar, Dr. Manan Shah shared how pharmacies can add allergy  testing kits and give better care.

It is fantastic that we can play a role in helping patients cure their respiratory allergies.

  • Kits cost $200, you can sell for $250+
  • Order 5 kits for $30 each upfront (total $150)
  • As each kit is sold and used, you will be charged the remaining $170 for the kit. This helps your cash flow.
  • Patients get the results and an office visit and can choose SLIT therapy for $99 a month.

Benefits of Wyndly:

  • Patients save time and money
  • You make minimum $50 per kit
  • Opportunity for additional revenues from OTC or compounds

Here is Dr. Shah's contact info

Dr. Manan Shah

To order your first 5 kits for $150 upfront CLICK HERE.

How Wyndly Works

Pinpoint your allergy triggers

Buy the at-home allergy test or share your existing allergy test results so our doctors know what allergies to treat.

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Manan Shah

Get seen by a real doctor

Meet your board-certified Wyndly doctor online to review your test results and discuss your personalized treatment plan to fix your allergies for good.

Feel better without symptoms

Live allergy-free with 24/7 doctor support and medicine shipped to your door. 


Ready to fix your allergies?

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