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Billing and Management Services
Billing and Management Services

Billing & Management Services for Healthcare Providers

SouthWest Billing is a medical billing company that offers advanced and high-quality practice management services to a wide range of medical and non-medical specialties, including physiotherapy, orthopedics, dermatology, neurology, psychology, cardiology, oncology, family medicine, internal medicine, allergy and immunology, neonatology, Pathology, urology, endocrinology, gynecology and many more.

Medical Billing and Coding, Enrollment, Claim and Denial Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Eligibility and Benefit Verification, Authorization and Referral Management, Patient Support, and Business Intelligence Reporting are some of the practice management services we offer.

Our comprehensive medical billing services are designed to increase your collections while reducing your administrative obligations, allowing you to focus on your practice and patients. Our medical billers ensure that you get paid more and faster by discovering billing errors before they are entered, lowering denial rates, submitting and resubmitting claims, and doing thorough follow-ups, all of which contribute to an increase in your overall revenue.

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Accurate and timely billing is the key to healthy financial performance for all medical Practices and physicians.

  • Medical Billing is a process which involves various services handled by multiple professionals at different levels, hence the complexity of submitting cleaner claims at a higher first pass rate being a challenge and with all other areas like recruiting, training and supervising takes most of your time and focus away from your core which is patient care.
  • Considering all these intricacies many practices are now opting for Medical Billing Outsourcing.

Medical Billing & Coding

Revive your financial performance with the expertise of our billing and coding professionals, with over 15 years of combined experience.

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To be a globally preferred healthcare organization and make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem.


We improve the financial life of our provider, giving them the freedom to focus on patient care.

Why Choose us

  • 100% HIPAA complaint process
  • 98% claims payment on first submission
  • Increased efficiency owing to certified coding team
  • Shortest turnaround time and faster reimbursements Cycle management by billing specialists
  • Reduced staffing issues and operating costs
  • Denial follow up and resolution by industry experts
  • You will save almost 70% on operating costs
  • No headache of staff training or update
  • Quick response and answers to any billing query
  • Dedicated practice manager for every practice to ensure streamlined communication
  • Continuous and rigorous follow ups on denied and pending claims
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