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Transforming Local Pharmacies into Virtual Health Clinics

Have you wanted to start point of care testing but your state limits your scope?


Do you have patients inside your store with a simple ailment that you could treat if you just had an Rx?


Are you tired of relying on PBMs and competing against the big guys?


Physician 360 offers solutions to these problems and creates additional revenue for pharmacies. They offer telemedicine, partnered with independent community pharmacies, for better access to quality care. With Physician 360 you can now offer on-demand physician visits. If appropriate they can prescribe compounds, niche products, Rxs, and recommend OTCs.


Having an on-demand doctor at your patients' fingertips allows you to close the care loop when offering POCTs.


  • Patients enjoy a one-stop solution
  • Take action based on test results
  • Broaden your POCT offering to include options beyond covid
  • Test and Treat all at once

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How will adding Physician 360 impact your pharmacy?

Increased Revenue

Sell your patients the solutions they want. Fast results on a variety of tests with an included telemedicine visit.


Physician 360 doctors are trained in recommending OTCs along with Rxs so you can maximize the opportunity.

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Simple Startup

You can start selling Physician 360's ready-to-go testing kits immediately. 


  • UTI
  • Flu
  • Strep
  • Anemia

Life Balance

Your patients want healthcare on their timeline, not their doctor's. 


Turn your pharmacy into an on-demand doctor visit location. Your patients get everything they need in one stop. 

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See our available products

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