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Our Goal

CREDS 4 U is an extension of your practice. We work closely with each client to ensure accuracy and timeliness for all your credentialing needs. We take pride in our work and we work for YOU! 


What sets our company apart is that our founder doesn’t merely rely on theoretical knowledge of how credentialing should be done, she knows from experience how it must be done. Every day, Heidi Henderson’s more than two decades in the medical field, culminating in 10 years as a Practice Manager, means she has a total grasp of credentialing and much more.

When you have CREDS 4 U on your side, you get 25 years of experience handling some of the most essential admin tasks without which modern medicine would be far less trustworthy.


For Heidi and her colleagues this exacting work is their area of expertise. So, you get exceptional attention to detail with significantly less investment of time and money on your part.

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Why CREDS 4 U Should Be Your First Choice?


Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a necessary step for privileging purposes as well as verification of a professional for in-network status with insurance companies.


Confirming credentials at a primary source is the necessary step between a fully compliant practice and one that risks malpractice in the event of medical mistakes by poorly credentialed providers. CREDS 4 U has years of experience in PSV and we remove the burden from our clients willingly and efficiently.

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We do it all for you, preparing the applications according to the appropriate insurance’s specific guidelines for your specialty. This ensures your application is submitted accurately and the process goes smoothly. Our clients are informed of the status of their application with an automated report from our software system sent directly to their email. We want you to always know where your application stands with each carrier. Transparency with our clients and their projects is what makes us different from other services.

Payor enrollment is the process of submitting an application for medical professionals, entities and facilities so they can become in-network with an insurance company. When accomplished efficiently, your practice experiences streamlined onboarding of all professionals and enhanced revenue flow as soon as possible.


The multiple variables involved in Payor Enrollment – many insurers, multiple certifications, numerous attesting bodies – mean that the work of maintaining a provider’s status with payors is always there, always in need of monitoring. At CREDS 4 U we are passionate about managing each provider’s expiration dates for their licenses, certifications and their CAQH file. With us on board, there is both quality and assurance in our management of recredentialing dates for insurance and facilities.

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